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Wipeouts and wardrobe malfunctions: 8 great 'Price is Right' moments for show's 8,000th episode

Monday marks the 8,000th episode of "The Price is Right," the longest-running game show in history. Nearly 70,000 contestants have heard the legendary call to "come on down!" and they've walked away with a combined quarter of a billion dollars in prizes. Bill Cullen was the original host, Bob Barker its most famous, and Drew Carey has been running the show since 2007.

And as you'd expect with an unscripted game show, there have been plenty of memorable moments. Here are just a few.

Wigging out
Aliaya was so thrilled to "come on down" that she ripped off her wig. Not sure why, but it led to a great line from Carey. When told the contestant worked in law enforcement, he cracked, "Undercover, I imagine."

Come on down — not that far down
It might be the most famous "come on down" call ever. In 1977, Yolanda Bowsley bounded onstage and her tiny tube top didn't quite bound back up. The audience howled, and Barker played it up, acting like the accelerated reaction was for him. He would later say, "She came on down, and they came on out." (Video below is slightly censored.)

The fridge that wouldn't shut
While model Holly Hallstrom was displaying the appliances a lucky contestant would win, the refrigerator-freezer on display kept opening its doors and smacking her with them. Hallstrom finally just gave up and sat down. Those foods are just going to have to melt.

He didn't do that 'Bad'
They introduced him as Aaron Sturtevant (his birth name), but "Breaking Bad" fans would know Aaron Paul anywhere. He won a desk on the show in 2000, and the actor who would become famous as Walter White's drug-making buddy would later say of his appearance, "Wow, I look like I'm on meth."

Surf's up
The "Price is Right" You Tube page calls this "possibly the greatest 'come on down' of all time." Premal Shah crowd-surfed his way to the stage, even stunning host Carey, who announced, "That was an amazing 'come on down!' right there."

Contestant Dazietta was so overwhelmed by her win that she sank down to the floor next to the contestants' podiums. "She's all right," said Barker, kneeling next to her. "Winning $48,578 will do that to you."

First new car ever
The show gave away its first-ever new car in 1972, and lucky Connie claimed a shockingly bright blue Chevy Vega. She can't believe her luck, and does a little circle dance in celebration. Let's hope she got more out of the car than GM did — the Vega struggled through a number of reputation-tarnishing recalls before GM stopped production in 1977.

Drew wipes out
In a classic behind the scenes moment, Carey was boogieing away with a contestant when he stepped backwards onto the stairs and whoosh, found himself flat on his back. "I'd get up but I'm too embarrassed," he announced.

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