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Will Smith may diveinto politics

Actor Will Smith startled his fans in Sweden with his strong political views.

Don’t be surprised if Will Smith starts referring to himself as I, Politician.

The “I, Robot” star startled his fans in Sweden with his strong political views. “He was really jokey and laid-back about most things, until it came to politics, then he became very serious and very emphatic,” says our source there. “It became pretty obvious he doesn’t have a high opinion of President Bush.”

“Of course I could be president if I wanted to,” Smith told the newspaper Aftonbladet, according to our translator. “But being president isn’t the kind of job you’d want to have with the way things are today.”      

Smith also said that he has toured the world many times before, and says he’s never seen peoples’ opinions of the U.S. this low.  “As luck would have it, every four years, the people decide if the president gets to stay in office,” Smith said.  “I believe it’s not going to happen.” Smith revealed that he’s going to meet with Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry once he returns to the U.S. and is probably going to campaign for him. “I can be very involved,” he said.

The actor also said that "I, Robot" has a political message about the current administration. “”The main robot Viki says in the film that ‘for the good of the people, some freedoms and some people’s lives have to be sacrificed,’ ” Smith said. When told that the line sounded like it referred to Bush, Smith laughed and said, “Exactly! It’s so beautiful that you get it and know where that line comes from.  It’s a comment about what’s going on right now.”

Gellin' like Magellan

Victoria Gotti, daughter of the late mob boss John Gotti (2nd L) is shown with her three sons outside her Long Island, New York home, in this undated publicity photograph. The image is a scene from the new A&E cable channel reality seriesX80001

How do the Gotti boys get that gravity-defying hair?

Fans of “Growing Up Gotti” who have been admiring the three sons’ coifs and those who were wondering how they get them need wonder no longer.

The mob scions go through three and a half tubes of hair gel every week, according to their mother, Victoria Gotti.

“From the way she was describing it, those kids go through hair gel like it’s water,” says the source.

“You could fill up a landfill with the Gotti boys’ hair-gel tubes.”

Notes from all over

**FILE**Pop singer-actress Beyonce Knowles, left, arrives with her sister, Solange, at the 30th annual American Music Awards, on Jan. 13, 2003, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)Chris Pizzello / AP

Beyoncé Knowles’ kid sister has humble tastes. Eighteen-year-old Solange Knowles, who married football player Daniel Smith in February and is expecting a child, is apparently . Most of the items have already been bought, but at press time, a pacifier costing $2.69 and a six-pack of washcloths for $5.99 were still available for gift-buyers.  . . .  Madonna is looking to buy some jewels once owned by opera diva Maria Callas, according to the Scottish Daily Record, including 11.7 carat marquise-shaped diamond ring to be auctioned off by Sotheby’s.  . . .Jennifer Lopez is bestowing gifts on her co-workers. Perhaps in an effort to reverse her reputation as a self-centered prima donna, J. Lo has bought gifts for the cast and crew of “Monster In Law,” according to Among the presents: Director Robert Luketic got an antique Buddha statue and co-star Jane Fonda was given a limited edition Chopard watch. The super-lucky makeup artists, wardrobe and hair stylists got T-shirts. “Jennifer loves to see people’s faces when she gives gifts,” according to the site. “She’s a big giver.”

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