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Why Was Two-Time American Idol Contestant Arrested?

This is one hit Jessica Candage really didn't want to deliver.
/ Source: E!online

This is one hit Jessica Candage really didn't want to deliver.

The two-time American Idol contestant was arrested in Portland, Maine, after she was spotted by a police officer striking her husband in public, the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office confirms to E! News.

The incident was commemorated with her very own mug shot.

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Candage, who competed on the reality series under her maiden name of Jessica Cunningham, was taken into custody on Sunday and charged with domestic violence against her husband, Craig Candage.

The 25-year-old singer, who was cut before the final 24 on Idol's past two seasons, had been in front of the Portland Harbor hotel when she appeared to be struggling with Craig.

When an officer approached them to investigate, he claimed he saw Jessica punch her other half several times in the face. The cop separated the duo, while Jessica explained that she was just trying to stop her husband from driving after they'd had an argument inside a nearby restaurant.

Craig was not interested in pressing charges against his wife, but the officer who witnessed the incident arrested her anyway.

Jessica was hauled off to Cumberland County Jail and released on $1,000 bail.

Her court date is set for June 30.

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