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'What is TikTok?' Reese Witherspoon gets hilarious dance tutorial from her son

The actress asked her teenage son, Deacon Phillippe, for help understanding the popular social media app, and the results are pretty funny.
/ Source: TODAY

Reese Witherspoon is definitely a cool mom, but even the Oscar winner admitted she needs some help keeping up with the latest social media trends.

Reese, 43, posted a video on Instagram where she asked her middle child, Deacon Phillippe, 15, for help figuring out how to navigate the social network TikTok.

The results are pretty hilarious.

"For all the moms out there, what is TikTok?" the "Big Little Lies" star asked her oldest son.

"It's like a short-form video platform for kids, social media," her son answered.

"Do people pick a song they like and they lip sync the words she asks?" she asked.

Deacon told her "yes," although he might have soon regretted that.

Reese showed her "rolly, rolly, rolly" dance moves, along with what appears to be a robot, followed by a skeleton, followed by a cool mom who simply wanted to dust her shoulders off. Deacon admits his embarrassment, but acts like a total trooper through it all.

Other celebs commented their support for the "Legally Blonde" star's curiosity.

Victoria Beckham also has kids around Deacon's age. The fashion designer replied, "This is everything!" Paired with four laughing emoji, presumably for each of her children, she commented one final sign-off, "Kisses VB."

Selma Blair also praised her "Cruel Intentions" co-star, writing, “You did nail it,” adding, “This is my recreational life. Every day. Everything is a meme over here.”

Although the question remained: what would Reese call her own TikTok channel?

"Reese Tik?" she asked. "Reese Tok?"

"No!" Deacon replied.

"Reese to the Tik to the Tok?" she countered.

All the teen could muster was one final, "No."

Sounds like Reese and Deacon have a parent/child relationship we all can relate to.

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