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Was Paris Hilton in an altered state?

Were Paris Hilton and her sweetie Stavros Niarchros under the influence when they had that recent car crash?
08 November 2005 - Los Angeles, California - Stavros Niarchos and Paris Hilton. Cocktail Reception to Show Diamonds and other Jewelry from DeGrisogono held at the Penthouse at the Beverly Towers. EXCLUSIVE-SPECIAL RATES APPLY. Photo Credit: Zach Lipp/AdMedia/SIPA PRESS/0511091636Admedia / Sipa Press
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Were Paris Hilton and her sweetie Stavros Niarchros under the influence when they had that recent car crash?

Daredevil “Wild Boy” Steve-O claims that he gave the partying pair “some mind-altering substances” shortly before the November fender bender.

“About a half hour before Paris Hilton had that car crash, I may have given her some mind-altering substances,” Steve-O blurted out on Jimmy Kimmel live last week. He also said that prior to the accident he had met Hilton and Niarchos at a night club and provided them with nitrous-filled balloons. “I probably shouldn’t say that,” Steve-O said and added, “Whoops!”Risky Business indeedIs Tom Cruise doing the work of Satan? That’s the charge being leveled by one pastor who has blasted the “War of the Worlds” star and his religion, Scientology.

“Satan takes all praise and glory from Redeemer Christ for all honor and esteem granted [Scientology founder L. Ron] Hubbard and his wild spheres of inner ascendancy,” pastor J. Grant Swank, Jr. writes on the web site “Cruise, like many other famous individuals, particularly actors, furthers the cult of Scientology as Satan uses this means by which to direct eternal souls away from Christ to Hubbard.”

Notes from all overReports that cash-strapped singer Michael Jackson is looking to build a mosque in Bahrain have some asking, “With what? Unsold stacks of ‘Invincible?’” . . . Gisele Bundchen’s modeling agency in her native Brazil is being shut down. Monica Monteiro, her South American manager who discovered the model 12 years ago and has helped nurture her career since then, is “shocked” by the decision, according to our source there.  . . . Former president Bill Clinton gave former Bond actor Pierce Brosnan golfing lessons in Hawaii. “The President likes to give golf lessons, apparently. I didn’t know this,” Brosnan told IrelandOn-Line. “He said: ‘You’re doing it all wrong, Pierce … now let me just hold on your hips here.’ I said, ‘This is not gonna look too good in a photograph, Mr. President.’”

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