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Tyra Banks reflects on turning 50: ‘I gotta say, my mind is FIERCER THAN EVER’

The "Top Model" judge shared her latest dreams and career efforts in a celebratory post on Instagram.

Tyra Banks is 50, fierce and fiction-writing!

On Dec. 4, the supermodel celebrated her 50th birthday with a reflective post shared to her Instagram. In addition to celebrating her birthday, the “Life Size 2” star shared that she is currently co-writing a graphic novel titled “THE HOUSE OF SMiZE.” 

The “America’s Next Top Model” judge’s post featured a carousel of pictures of herself posing on a couch while wrapped in a cozy brown robe. A black-and-white graphic art-themed cake also appeared before her in each of the pictures.

“50. I can’t believe I’ve been on this earth that many years,” the model began her post. “I remember like yesterday my mom’s 50th birthday party and we celebrated her in the biggest way. It was a big one. And now it’s mine.”

“So many fear getting older. That’s understandable. Things just aren’t the same anymore,” she continued. “Our bodies. Our energy. Our minds. But I gotta say, my mind is FIERCER THAN EVER.”

Banks continued her post by expressing her belief that age is a blessing, writing, “I think we have to look at aging and these big milestone years like,’ “I GET to be that age.”

“If you’re younger than me, I HOPE you get to reach my age and BEYOND. Because it feels damn good,” she noted before adding in parentheses, “What doesn’t feel so good is the damn sciatica I got from falling in a scene in Life-Size 2!!!”

Banks went on to remind her followers they “don’t have to stay stuck.”

“You can start off doing one thing, and as the years go by, you switch that ish up,” she continued. “Yeah, I started in the fashion world and did the whole magazine covers, catwalks and couture thing and more but I have pivoted, baby. Again. You can 2. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. You hear me?!”

“My mama and I have been obsessed with ice cream for forever. And now (and WOW), I got me some big ice cream DREAMS with @SMiZEandDREAM,” she wrote of her ice cream business. “I work on the biz 7 days a week. It’s hard work, man. Like crazy. But I’m IN LOVE with it. Because it’s not just about ice cream. It’s about inspiring people to make their dreams come true.”

The “Coyote Ugly” actor then asked her followers what they could do well, that others weren’t aware of.

“Y’all may not know this, but I can write — scripts, essays, fiction — and I’m damn good at it,” she continued. “And now, I’m co-writing a SMiZE & DREAM graphic novel that’s all about age and dreams and yep, lotsa yummy ice cream. It’s called THE HOUSE OF SMiZE. (Y’all helped pick that title!) So I decided to celebrate 50 with cake graphic art themed to my new tasty and exciting dream.”

Banks wrapped up her post by asking her followers to share their own personal dreams.

“Don’t sleep on it. Wake up and DREAM🌞…and share it with me,” she prompted. “2024 is around the corner and we are gonna DREAM really BIG…together.”