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‘Twilight’ star laughs off pregnancy rumors

A source tells Life & Style that Kristen Stewart had a laugh on the set of her new film, "The Runaways," when she heard the rumor that she was expecting.
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No matter how many times “Twilight” stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson deny romance rumors, the tabloid talk continues.

This week, the persistent breakup-and-make-up buzz hit an all time high, as Australia’s New Weekly magazine reported that the pair were not only dating, but also expecting a child.

Neither Stewart nor Pattinson addressed the story publicly, but a source on the set of Stewart’s new rock biopic “The Runaways,” told Life & Style the actress at least found some humor in it privately.

“Joan (Jett) and Kristen managed to have a laugh about the rumor,” the insider said. “Kristen just thought it was ridiculous.”

Tom Cruise influenced Beckham’s biggest decisions In his upcoming book, “The Beckham Experiment,” author Grant Wahl documents David Beckham’s American career move, but according to the New York Daily News, the chapter devoted to the soccer star’s relationship with Tom Cruise is the real page-turner.

Beckham himself served as the source for the Cruise-centric pages, revealing that the actor had a hand almost every big decision he’s made since they met — from joining the L.A. Galaxy to picking out his physical therapist to naming his youngest son Cruz.

“I must admit, when (my wife and I) met Tom, I remember turning around to Victoria and saying, ‘Cruise is a great name, but we could spell it different,’” Beckham said in an excerpt published in the Daily News. “And also, living in Spain, Cruz is spelled the way it is in Spanish. So that’s why we got it.”

Ben Affleck regrets his ‘Bennifer’ days Looking back on his past romance with Jennifer Lopez and the unwanted attention that came with it, actor Ben Affleck now believes his “Bennifer” days hurt him personally and professionally.

“I was no longer in control of my life,” Affleck said in a quote posted to StarPulse. “I thought I wanted certain things, but I didn’t. I got lost. I felt suffocated, miserable and gross. I should never have gone down that route or got sucked in to all the publicity.”

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Once the damage was done, Affleck felt only a hiatus from the spotlight could put the stigma behind him.

“I was typecast as myself,” the actor explained. “Too many people weren’t getting past what they read about me. That was damaging. I can tell from experience it’s bad for you, and bad for your career. So I took a break, went away for a while and let things calm down.”

Dish on the fly When Lindsay Lohan stiffed a locksmith following an unnecessary house call, the actress didn’t anticipate any public backlash. Then again, Lohan failed to realize a TMZ paparazzo filmed the event. While chatting with the sly cameraman, Lohan admitted she requested the service but felt the locksmith was a “total d--k” for demanding money after she and a pal broke into the house on their own. The news prompted negative tweets in the Twitter-verse and left LiLo on the defensive. “THERE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS GOING ON IN THIS WORLD THAN A LOCKSMITH @ A HOUSE,” she wrote. “TURN ON THE WORLD NEWS OR GOOGLE REAL WORLD ISSUES. XOXOX”… Academy Award-winning actress Rachel Weisz hopes to see Hollywood boycott Botox. “It should be banned for actors, as steroids are for sportsmen,” the “Definitely, Maybe” star insisted in an interview with Britain’s Harper’s Bazaar. “Acting is all about expression. Why would you want to iron out a frown?” … She has free rein over her fashion choices, but “Hannah Montana” star Miley Cyrus has to wait until she turns 18 for a real makeover. “My dad won’t let me fix my teeth or cut my hair,” the 16-year-old told Elle magazine. But even if on-and-off-screen father Billy Ray Cyrus relaxed his rules, the teen insists she wouldn’t change her not-so-perfect pearly whites. “I like these crooked. I love my teeth.”

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