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Will Roman and Gerri ever go all the way on ‘Succession’? Gerri weighs in

J. Smith-Cameron, the actor who plays Gerri on the hit HBO show, is not so confident the two will ever get together.
/ Source: TODAY

Did "Succession" fans finally get the answer to one pressing question they've been waiting for?

On Tuesday's episode of "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen," J. Smith-Cameron — who plays Gerri on the hit HBO series — was asked whether her character and Roman Roy, played by Kieran Culkin, will ever "consummate" after all their cheeky flirtations.

"I don't know. I don't think so," she said. "I feel like — first of all, let's just talk about him. I don't think he could do that, right? He would be freaked out and then I think I would be too."

While Cohen alluded to some "dysfunctions" that Roman faces, Smith-Cameron said she thinks her character is far "too careful" to do the deed with Roman — and then added, "but if the writers write it, then there we go."

"Succession," currently in its third season, airs Sunday nights on HBO and follows the lives of the billionaire Roy family as they try to make the best decisions for their company, Waystar RoyCo.

Roman (played by Kieran Culkin, third from right) is one of the Roy siblings battling it out for control over their family's company.HBO MAX

Gerri, who's known to be upfront and career-driven, does not have a love interest in the show, though it seems her and Roman could get together at some point. When asked about their relationship in an Oct. 14 interview with W magazine, Smith-Cameron said it's highly unlikely that Roman and Gerri will ever be an item.

"In truth, I think neither Roman nor Gerri know what they’re doing,” Smith-Cameron said. “Even though it’s inherently sensational and illicit, I feel like Gerri’s not the personality type to exploit that, and I don’t think she’s interested in him romantically.”

Roman always has tricks up his sleeve.HBO MAX

The pair's off-screen chemistry is a lot different than their characters' on the show. The two actors have been friends for many years and they've worked together on 2011's "Margaret."

“We have a similar enjoyment of playfulness," Smith-Cameron told W magazine. "Some actors are wrapped up in their own world, they plan out what they’re going to do in a scene and stick with it.

“Kieran is the ultimate example of someone who’s alive and responsive, and I try to do that too.”