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Who does Tully marry on 'Firefly Lane'? Season 2 gives the answer

The show sets us up to think Johnny and Tully get married, but there's more to the story.

An appropriate nickname for Season Two, Part Two of "Firefly Lane" might be "three weddings and a funeral."

The first batch of "Firefly Lane" Season Two had a hidden trailer at the very end of the credits, foreshadowing a wedding in the future. Johnny (Ben Lawson), dressed in a suit, stands with Kate's (Sarah Chalke) brother Sean (Jason McKinnon) as music plays in the background.

"Almost go time. How you feeling?" Sean asks.

Johnny looks a bit tense and says, "I'd feel a lot better if the bride would show up. We're supposed to start any minute."

The scene then shifts to Tully (Katherine Heigl), who is wearing a white slip and robe and getting ready in what appears to be a bridal suite. Someone knocks on her door and she says, "Hold your horses! I'm almost ready. It's not like you can start without me anyway."

Naturally, audiences wondered: Do Johnny and Tully get married?

Everything unfolds in Season Two Part Two, which has multiple weddings. .

Can't keep track of all the romance? We're breaking down each of the weddings for you and sharing some behind the scenes secrets from the stars.

Kate and Johnny's 1st wedding

It takes Kate and Johnny quite some time to make it to this point, but the two lovebirds finally tie the knot in Season Two Part Two after Kate calls things off with her fiancé, Theo (Oliver Rice), in the 1980s.

The pair says "I do" in an intimate ceremony at their apartment and Kate's mother Margie (Chelah Horsdal) gives her a hard time, suggesting that Johnny is a rebound. Elsewhere, Kate's father Bud (Paul McGillion) seemingly gives the marriage his seal of approval when he gives Johnny a compass as a gift.

During the ceremony, the officiant mentions Theo's name since he was originally supposed to officiate Kate's other wedding. Afterwards, she gives a passionate speech to her guests and says everyone needs to simply accept that she and Johnny are meant to be together.

Both Chalke and Heigl tell us they're going to miss shooting these 1980s scenes.

"I’m gonna miss Tully’s 1980s 20-something sass ... She just had so much self confidence and so much chutzpah,” Heigl says. "I will miss getting to dive into that every now and again. Maybe I’ll just put on the black leggings and the hot pink sweater (and channel her)."

Getting to play characters at multiple stages of their lives was also a fun experience for the stars.

“No two days were the same. It was never boring. Every day there was something interesting or challenging or fun stretching you outside of your comfort zone,” Chalke says.

Kate and Johnny’s 2nd Wedding

After divorcing, the couple later gets remarried at their house. They ask Tully to officiate the wedding and she gifts Kate with a girls' trip to Paris before the ceremony begins to celebrate Kate's recovery.

But Kate has already learned that her cancer has spread. Johnny finds out the hard way when Kate yells out in pain while getting ready for the wedding. She explains that she wanted the wedding to be perfect and intended to tell him the next day.

When the ceremony begins, Sean walks Kate down the aisle. Johnny has a special surprise in store for his bride: a performance of one of "Mandy" by Barry Manilow, one of her favorite songs.

Alongside Johnny, Marah (Yael Yurman), Tully and Mutt (Brendan Taylor) join in on the customized version of the song, which they alter to say "Mularkey" (Kate's last name) instead of "Mandy."

Chalke tells that the wedding scenes were some of her favorite to shoot this season, especially since they lightened the mood on set.

"I think you need the moments of joy so that you can exhale in between (the tougher moments),” she says.

The actor also appreciated the chance to dance. "Throughout COVID, there were not a lot of big parties and then all of a sudden we're shooting these big parties, so you actually felt like you were on a dance floor after such a long time,” she says.

The wedding has a mix of happy and sad moments. During the reception, Tully notices that Johnny seems to be in a sour mood. She realizes that Kate's cancer is back. The bride collapses on the dance floor and everyone rushes to her side, but she insists she's fine and simply needs to rest a bit.

For Chalke, it was important to show the entire picture and emphasize that someone dealing with cancer can have a full life.

"I think that’s such a tricky line to walk and the script did such a beautiful job of that (while also) not shying away from the challenging parts," she says.

Marah's Wedding in 2016

The teaser scene that Netflix shared at the end of Season Two Part One airs again in Episode 11. During Episode 13, the wedding scene picks up once again but Tully is seen in a maroon dress instead of the white slip she was previously wearing.

Marah enters the room in a wedding dress, and we learn that she's the one who's getting married.

"Aren't I the one who's supposed to be late, Aunt Tully?" she jokes.

“I’m ready. Just tweaking my hair,” Tully replies and helps Marah fix her veil.

In a separate scene, Tully talks to Kate as they look in a mirror and reflect on the special day ahead.

“Thank you for sticking with her through all of it,” Kate says.

“It wasn’t me. Everything good that she is, that’s because of you, Kate,” Tully replies.

Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door and Tully turns to look. When she looks back at the mirror, Kate is gone and we then realize she has died from her cancer.

Looking back on the experience, both Heigl and Chalke say they're going to miss playing Tully and Kate and working with their cast mates and crew.

“We had a ridiculous amount of fun,” Heigl says. “It’s a really, really great group of people."

Chalke agrees wholeheartedly. "I will miss the dynamic we all had," she says.