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'The Masked Singer': Anteater leaves panelists starstruck after double elimination

Two more celebrities were unmasked during the Dec. 13 episode.
/ Source: TODAY

It was make-or-break for the final group on “The Masked Singer.”

Group C took the stage during the Dec. 13 episode, titled “Soundtrack to My Life.” Host Nick Cannon and panelists Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Nicole Scherzinger and Ken Jeong heard the contestants’ performing songs representing key moment in their life.

The episode also included a special performance by Hunter Hayes, who was the Astronaut during Season Three, with his song “Wanted.”

Viewers were treated to performances by Candelabra, Anteater and Donut.

See the highlights from the show below with not one, but two, celebrities unmasked during this week’s episode.

What did each contestant perform?

Candelabra kicked off the competition with an emotional performance of “I’m Goin’ Down” Mary J. Blige. Anteater performed next, singing “Johnny B. Goode” by Chuck Berry.

Last, but certainly not least, was Donut. The singer blew the panelists’ away with his rendition of Ray Charles’ “Georgia on My Mind.”

It was then down to the audience and panelists to vote on who would go head-to-head in the Battle Royale. But first, one was unmasked.

Who was unmasked first?

Anteater in the “Soundtrack To My Life” episode of "The Masked Singer" on Dec. 13.
Anteater in the “Soundtrack To My Life” episode of "The Masked Singer" on Dec. 13.Michael Becker / FOX

Anteater was ultimately the first to be unmasked following the dynamic performances.

Before he was unmasked, the panelists gave their final guesses on who was the star under the Anteater costume.

Thicke thought it was Jackson Browne, Scherzinger guessed it was John Mellencamp, while Jeong believed it was Billy Joel and McCarthy Wahlberg believed it was Steven Van Zandt.

Who was under the mask?

Looks like all four panelists were wrong because under the Anteater mask was none other than John Oates.

“I cannot believe we did not get that,” exclaimed McCarthy Wahlberg, later adding how “mad” she was at herself for not guessing it correctly. “I am so honored you are on our show.”

When asked about his experience on the show, he replied, “I’ve done a lot of crazy stuff in my career, this is one of the best things I’ver ever done. So thank you so much,” he said, adding that “it’s been a blast.” “It’s so great to be in this costume and just sing whatever you want. No one knows you. I love it.”

Jeong, meanwhile, added, “In keeping with this episode, you are the soundtrack of my life. I just grew up on you, man, and I’m, like, literally starstruck right now.”

Who won the Battle Royale?

Donut and Candelabra then went head-to-head in the Battle Royale, performing Hayes' "Wanted" in their own unique way.

While both performances had much heart and soul, one came out on top. After the panelists and audience voted, the celebrity who won and would be making it to the finale was Donut.

Candelabra was ultimately eliminated and unmasked.

Candelabra in the “Soundtrack To My Life” episode of "The Masked Singer" on Wednesday, Dec. 13.
Candelabra in the “Soundtrack To My Life” episode of "The Masked Singer" on Wednesday, Dec. 13. Michael Becker / FOX

Who was under the mask?

But before the second unmasking occurred, the panelists gave their best guesses.

Scherzinger believed it was Keyshia Cole, Jeong said it was Kelly Rowland, McCarthy Wahlberg guessed it was Brandy, while Thicke also thought it was Keyshia Cole.

Scherzinger and Thicke were correct again, because it was Keyshia Cole.

“The queen is here,” Cannon said after the unmasking, as Thicke and Scherzinger celebrated their latest win.

“I lost to a donut,” Cole said after her unmasking. “Only on ‘The Masked Singer.’ No, no, he’s not a donut. He’s somebody spectacular and I can’t wait to see him get unmasked because he was fabulous. He is amazing.”

She quipped, “I took the Anteater down.”

Next week, it's the “The Masked Singer” finale with Donut, Gazelle, Cow and Sea Queen competing to be named the Season 10 champion. In the meantime, see every the contestant that has been revealed this season.