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'My Life With The Walter Boys' ending: Which brother does Jackie choose?

This teen romance is the talk of Netflix.
My Life with the Walter Boys.

"My Life With The Walter Boys" is a tale as old as time, at least in the YA genre: A teenage girl is torn between two brothers. But which one does she choose?

The Netflix show, which rose to the streamer's No. 1 spot the day it dropped on the platform, is based on Ali Novak's Wattpad book turned novel.

The 10 episode series follows Jackie Howard (played by "On My Block's Nikki Rodriguez), a 15-year-old New Yorker who loses her entire family in a car accident. In the wake of tragedy, she moves in with her mother's best friend — and her family of 10 kids — in Silver Falls, Colorado.

Enter: Jackie's potential suitors. Cole Walter (Noah LaLonde) is the athletic, brooding type, while his younger brother Alex Walter (Ashby Gentry) is sensitive and kind. The brothers duke it out for Jackie’s affections — causing tension within the family of nine boys and one girl.

Which Walter brother does Jackie choose?

My Life with the Walter Boys.
Isaac Arellanes as Isaac, Myles Perez as Lee, Connor Stanhope as Danny, Noah LaLonde as Cole and Ashby Gentry as Alex in episode 101 of My Life with the Walter Boys. Netflix

If you haven't finished the series yet, you should stop reading now, because the conclusion of this love triangle is about to be spoiled.

The season finale makes it seem like things are settled for the teenagers (at least, for now). Jackie and Alex are together. Will, the eldest Walter sibling, gets married, and the family's farm has a bright future.

When Alex has too much champagne at the wedding, he tells Jackie that he loves her ... but she doesn't say it back. Jackie goes back up to her room, when she finds that Cole has fixed one of her most precious possessions: A teapot her late sister had given her.

Jackie, accepting her feelings for Cole at last, waits for him at the barn, where they share a long-awaited kiss.

So, we can safely assume she's chosen Cole, right? Wrong.

The camera cuts to Jackie en route to New York with her uncle, who makes it clear that it was her decision to return back east. She left Alex a note that said only, "I'm sorry."

So, what's next for Jackie? Will she come back to Colorado? Will she leave the Walter boys, and the drama that they bring, behind? Season Two isn't confirmed yet — but the drama is there and waiting.