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‘Love Undercover’ cast: Who are the 5 athletes on the new Peacock dating show?

Five international soccer players will leave their A-list statuses behind as they travel to Los Angeles for love.
Lloyd Jones,Ryan Babel, Marco Fabian
James Baylis / Laurens Lindhout / Leopoldo Smith / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

In Peacock’s newest dating show, “Love Undercover,” five famous soccer players will find out how successful they would be in today’s dating world without their superstar statuses.

The streaming platform released the trailer for its upcoming reality series April 4, which stars five current and former international soccer stars.

Following a format similar to other dating shows like “Joe Millionaire” and the short-lived “I Wanna Marry ‘Harry,’” the athletes will keep their real identities hidden from the contestants. 

As the clip shows, each of the men are used to a life of luxury, replete with expensive sports cars, designer clothes and run-ins with paparazzi. But on “Love Undercover,” they will temporarily relocate to Los Angeles where they will get to know a group of single American women who have no idea who they are. 

Disguised as contractors, salesmen and restaurant managers, they’ll find out if women like them without their notable reputations and fortunes.

The men will each go on multiple dates and try to avoid revealing details about their everyday lives back home. But it appears some of the women start to realize during the process that the men are keeping secrets from them. 

“None of the men are being honest about who they are,” contestant Jacklyn Romano tells the other ladies in one clip. 

After a few dates, the men will have to confess who they are before inviting one woman to return with them to Europe. 

Love Undercover - Season 1
Lloyd Jones, Marco Fabián, Jamie O’Hara, Ryan Babel in Episode Two of "Love Undercover"Peacock / Casey Durkin / Peacock

“Prepare for a worldwide love adventure,” says narrator and comedian Jared Freid in a voiceover. The rest of the trailer then teases some of the dramatic moments the athletes will face along their journey. 

So, who are the contestants hoping to find a connection on “Love Undercover”? Meet the five soccer superstars going undercover and the group of single women competing for their love, below. 

Who are the soccer players on ‘Love Undercover’?

Peacock’s new series “Love Undercover” will introduce American viewers, who are generally not well-versed soccer fans, to a group of famous international athletes. 

Love Undercover - Season 1
Soccer stars Sebastián Fassi, Lloyd Jones, Ryan Babel, Marco Fabián and Jamie O’Hara are looking for love on the new Peacock series "Love Undercover."Casey Durkin / Peacock

The five soccer players are:

Jamie O’Hara

Age: 36

Home country: England

Job: Retired Premier League star and current analyst 

Ryan Babel

Age: 36

Home country: Netherlands

Job: Last played for TFF First League club Eyüpspor

Lloyd Jones

Age: 27

Home country: England

Job: Plays for Charlton Athletic F.C.

Marco Fabián

Age: 33

Home country: Mexico

Job: Plays for the Empire Strykers and previously won an Olympic gold medal in 2012

Sebastián Fassi

Age: 29

Home country: Mexico 

Job: Last played for Tlaxcala FC in Mexico

Who are the contestants on 'Love Undercover'?

The 18 American women competing on "Love Undercover" are...

  • Alus – Instagram: alus
  • Kai Hilbert – Instagram:

Who is the 'Love Undercover' narrator?

The funny narrator who pops in from time and time to remind viewers how many days the athletes have to find love is comedian Jared Freid.

Jared Freid on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon"
Jared Freid delivers a stand-up routine on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Oct. 17, 2023.Todd Owyoung/NBC / Getty Images

Freid also makes a few quips about the athletes and ladies as they flirt and get to know each other.

In addition to his narrator duties, Fried is also a podcast host and stand-up comic who posts hilarious videos recapping viral moments on shows like "The Bachelor" and "Love Is Blind."

When does ‘Love Undercover’ premiere? 

The first three episodes of “Love Undercover” will be available to stream on Peacock starting Thursday, May 9.

The next group of episodes will arrive May 16.

The final batch of episodes, including the finale, will be released on May 23.