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‘Jeopardy!’ contestants thought Diana Ross was 95 years old — and the internet exploded

Their answer in Final Jeopardy had viewers up in arms.
/ Source: TODAY

A pair of “Jeopardy!” contestants made a Supreme-ly big error on Monday’s episode of the popular game show when they thought legendary singer Diana Ross was 95 years old.

The mistake took place in Final Jeopardy, in the category “Singers.”

“In 2021 at age 95, this singer achieved a Guinness World Record for the oldest person to release an album of new material,” host Ken Jennings said.

Contestant Margaret Chipowsky, who was in third place at the time, got the answer correct when she guessed Tony Bennett, but her two competitors weren’t as astute.

Defending champion Finn Corrigan, who was in second place, guessed Ross.

“To be fair, you’re only 75 years younger than Tony Bennett. Generationally, it’s a bit of a stretch,” Jennings said before revealing Corrigan had wagered all of his money.

2019 World AIDS Day Concert - Dallas, TX
Diana Ross, seen here in 2019, is not 95 years old.Omar Vega / Getty Images

Karen Johnson, who was leading the game going into Final Jeopardy, also guessed Ross, propelling Chipowsky to victory.

Bennett himself had some fun with the wrong answer, tweeting a screenshot of the question.

"Who is…?" he captioned it.

Johnson and Corrigan said they didn’t think Ross, 77, was the right answer, but they had to scramble to give a response.

“Deepest apologies to the iconic Diana Ross! I didn’t really think you were the answer, but was running out of time and had to put something!” Johnson tweeted.

“Me too! I knew she was not nearly that old but better to write something than nothing. Just glad we’re in this together hahahaha,” Corrigan replied.

Fans didn’t have endless love — or any love, for that matter — when the "Jeopardy!" episode aired, so they were coming out in droves on Twitter.

"In Final Jeopardy tonight, TWO #Jeopardy contestants thought Diana Ross was 95 years old in 2021.... 95. years. old. I assume they went straight to jail??" one person wrote.

"They think Diana Ross is 95???" someone else tweeted.

"two people on jeopardy! just thought diana ross is 95 years old and I do despair for this country," another person commented.

"Last week, a Jeopardy contestant thought Aretha Franklin was in the Supremes. Tonight, two out of three contestants thought Diana Ross was the answer to: In 2021, what 95 year old singer released an album of new material? These are surely signs of the apocalypse," one viewer wrote.