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'True Blood' finale sneak peek: Is Sam Merlotte a dead man?

Trouble has been brewing all season for the humans of "True Blood" as the Sanguinista vampires rise up and feed freely on their "cattle," but it looks like at least one beloved show regular also could meet his end this Sunday.

A new clip from the finale of the HBO drama hints at a possible death for shifter Sam Merlotte as he comes face to face with Vampire Bill at the Authority's secret headquarters. Sure, the two men were once pals, but new Evil Bill doesn't let that stop him from baring his fangs to tear into his former-buddy-turned-meal. Check it out:

But Sam's death isn't quite certain. HBO's episode description notes that Sam and girlfriend Luna, who snuck into the Authority's headquarters to rescue her daughter Emma last week, test their limits trying to escape the Lilith worshiping fangers. Viewers have seen the pair shift into animals, insects and even humans ... could vampires be next?

Though Sam's death is a question mark, it looks like there could be one emotional death. A photo released by HBO from the season finale shows both Sookie and Eric with a look of shock on their faces, but that's not all. Eric is splattered with blood as a tear runs down the half-faerie's cheek.

John P. Johnson / HBO / Today
Eric and Sookie don't look too pleased on the season finale.

The "True Blood" season five finale, "Save Yourself," airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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