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Tony Parker's NBA Teammates "Pissed" About Sexting Scandal

It looks like Eva Longoria isn't the only one who's less than pleased with Tony Parker.
/ Source: E!online

It looks like Eva Longoria isn't the only one who's less than pleased with Tony Parker.

A source tells E! News that both the NBA star's teammates, as well as the San Antonio Spurs staff, are pretty unhappy too.

"The core guys are super pissed about it all," the source says about the other players and their feelings regarding Tony's alleged sexting with Erin Barry, the soon-to-be ex-wife of his former Spurs teammate Brent Barry.

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The Spurs are known around the league for running one of the premier franchises by drafting and signing good character and chemistry players. This is the kind of thing they try to avoid.

Making the situation slightly more awkward is the fact that Parker signed a four-year, $50 million extension with the team last week.

"The Spurs staff is very upset and Pop [Spurs head coach Greg Popovich] would trade him if he didn't just sign that big deal," the source insists.

Infidelity, though, isn't exactly new when we're talking about many of the guys who shoot hoops for a living. At least, according to Tami Roman, a star on VH1's Basketball Wives.

"I would say at least 75 percent of the men in the NBA are not faithful to their wives, girlfriends, whatever," she says.

But she points out that even when it comes to cheating, there are some lines you just don't cross.

"To be involved with another teammate's wife, that's just like hand's off! That really is disgusting."

As for what may have led to the breakdown in Tony and Eva's relationship, Tami says: "Sometimes, you know, having your own career and your own thing can be somewhat intimidating to certain men. She's the type of woman that is very self-sufficient and was financially independent before she married Tony."

Meanwhile, it looks like Brent learned about Erin's rumored indiscretions with Tony the same time we did. Well, technically, after us.

A source close to Brent tells E! News that he only became aware of it all upon hearing the media reports a couple of days ago.

Understandably, Brent is keeping a low profile and, according to our source, "is in the Midwest with the kids letting it blow over."

In other words, he'll probably be there for awhile.

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