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Tom Leykis kicked in the head in Seattle

Radio host needs 17 stitches after assault by angry listener
/ Source: The Associated Press

Syndicated radio talk show host Tom Leykis, known for belittling callers, urging women to bare their breasts and other antics, was kicked in the head and knocked to the ground over some on-the-air remarks, police say.

The Los-Angeles based Leykis was treated at a hospital for a black eye and a cut above the eye that required 17 stitches following the attack outside a restaurant early Monday, according to a police report.

No arrests were reported as of late Wednesday.

Leykis, 48, is known for blunt talk on gender issues and for naming such individuals as the woman accusing Kobe Bryant of rape, a woman who tried to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge in Seattle, and the boy raped by teacher Mary Kay Letourneau when he was 13.

On one of his regular trips to broadcast from Seattle, Leykis said he was getting some fresh air about 3:45 a.m. Monday outside a cafe when a man took a picture of him, went back inside the night spot and returned with two other men.

“I was minding my own business. It was a person who knew who I was from the radio,” Leykis said.

One of the three men said Leykis had taken a call from him and insulted him on the air, questioning his virility. The man who took the picture then kicked Leykis in the head, knocking him to the ground, according to the report.

Those two men fled, the report said, while Leykis took a cab to his hotel, where police and medical aid were summoned.

Leykis’ show has been syndicated by Westwood One since 1994. He built a strong male following with such show staples as “Flash Fridays,” which has female fans show their breasts if drivers flash their headlights, and “Leykis 101,” a self-help guide for men who want a no-strings relationship with the opposite sex.