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Target: ‘I like backpacks and I cannot lie’

‘Baby Got Back’ used inback-to-school ad
/ Source: The Associated Press

Remember “Baby Got Back?”

It’s back — this time in a cleaned-up version being used by Target department stores to hawk back-to-school wares, like backpacks.

But wait — wasn’t that song about the — hmmmm — well-endowed female derriere?

Yes, but it now has a “G-rated” pedigree, thanks to some careful editing from the Target ad people.

Some might be put off by the campaign — after all, MTV even barred the song during the daytime because of the rump-shaking women in the video.

But ad executives tell the New York Post the ad is a great idea — because it targets parents who remember the song and are likely to have kids in school these days.