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Superman video gives bird's-eye view of flying, crime-fighting

Getting up, up, and away with Superman never looked as cool as it does thanks to a new video where the Man of Steel appears to fly over Los Angeles with a GoPro camera on his head.

The viral video, uploaded to YouTube by CorridorDigital on Monday, features actor Will Sterling as Superman (and some strategic drone navigation and computer effects). The simple good deed of returning a lost camera to a man named Sam Gorski turns into a sightseeing and crime-fighting mission as Superman straps on the camera and takes flight.

"This ought to look pretty cool," he says as he flies into the air. For the next few minutes we see just his extended arms as he navigates between L.A.'s skyscrapers, over Dodger Stadium, and past the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood hills. Along the way, Superman deflects bullets and disarms two crooks in an alley, and he even catches a woman falling from a burning building and returns her to safe ground — typical superhero stuff.

Superman eventually lands in Gorski's backyard and leaves a small crater. "I think this belongs to you," he says upon returning the camera before the video catches him blasting back off into the sky.

So now, thanks to GoPro — which has previously shown us "it's a bird," and "it's a plane" — we can now safely say, "it's Superman."

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