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Student whose ID was found by Tom Hanks tells TODAY, 'It's pretty cool!'

/ Source: TODAY

Having a beloved A-List actor find your missing student ID isn't just handy, "it's pretty cool!"

That's what Lauren, the woman who recently made headlines when Tom Hanks found her Fordham University card, told TODAY Wednesday morning.

Actually, it took Lauren a little while to publicly respond to Hanks' kind gesture at all, since she didn't know about it at first. He tweeted the find, but she's one student who's not on Twitter.

Good thing others reached out to her.

"I checked my email, and I had an email from one of my professors," she told us via Skype. "So I opened it and it said, 'You're famous!'"

She soon realized just how true that was.


"[I started] hearing from people I haven't heard from in a couple of years," she explained.

That's just one of the perks of being assisted by the affable actor. Now that she's getting her ID back, Lauren hopes to get a refund on the replacement ID she already purchased. Hey, $20 is $20!

Now other fans want in on the Hanks action, tweeting their own finds for the star.

Who can blame them? After all, he's pretty cool, too.

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