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Stars drape praise on de la Renta store in L.A.

The stars were out for the opening of legendary designer Oscar de la Renta's store in Los Angeles on Wednesday.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

The stars were out for the opening of legendary designer Oscar de la Renta's store in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

"It's about time," said Jennifer Garner, happy to finally have a de la Renta store on the West Coast. "He's so talented, and he makes clothes that are comfortable. I don't have to suck anything in right now, and I still feel (his clothes) are chic, and classy, timeless and beautiful."

Lisa Kudrow agreed: "You could wear it forever, and it's still gonna be just right."

Brooke Shields was not only excited about Oscar's clothes, she's wild about the man himself.

"Finally," said Brooke. "I'm just so excited that he's finally, finally here. You know, I've been a fan forever, for years, and worn his stuff when I was a kid. And he's just classy. He respects the female body, and knows what to do with it. He's a lovely man, very wonderful."

But the clothes were not the only thing that the stars were there for. As part of the opening gala, 15 percent of all clothing sales went to the Entertainment Industry Foundation's Women's Cancer Research Fund.

"Well, that's mostly why I'm here," said Garner. "I mean, I love Mr. de la Renta's clothes, but I'm a huge, huge supporter of the women's cancer research fund at Cedars-Sinai. They are really into early detection, and the biggest, best thing we have against women's cancer right now is to detect it early."

Brooke is thrilled that de la Renta has a hand in the fight against cancer, saying, "He's a generous man, and we cannot stop the search. Women shouldn't be dying of breast cancer, and men shouldn't be dying of prostate cancer."

"Sex and the City" star Kristin Davis said lending a helping hand is her responsibility as a successful actress. "I think people understand that all of us are so lucky to be doing what we do, and to get paid the money we get paid," she said. "You have to support the causes, or there's really no point in it all."

Lauren Graham of "The Gilmore Girls" feels the same way, and sees the sensibility in linking the appeal of de la Renta's designs to the cancer cause. "I think they really should go hand and hand, because I think any time you have an opportunity to celebrate something that's beautiful and might attract some actors, it's a good time to have a tie-in that is a benefit," she said.

She added, "We're not all just sitting around going, 'You're pretty,' 'No, you're pretty.' "