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Snoop pens love song for ‘True Blood’s’ Sookie

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Who knew Snoop Dogg was such a "True Blood" fan? Certainly not us.

HBO's latest wannabe viral video for the new season of "True Blood" features the D-O-Double-G rappin' about his love for Miss Sookie Stackhouse and if you thought Bill Compton was the only one with a particular way of saying "Sookie," guess again.

Although Anna Paquin only appears in the video in clips, it's pretty obvious that Snoop knows his way around Bon Temps.

As Snoop, who smokes "True Bud," explains, "We'll do it in the daytime/Bill won't know a thing."

He also takes shots at several other romantic rivals for Sookie's affections.

"Sam ain't a man, he done turned into a b----," Snoop observes after promising that unlike Eric, he won't trick her into drinking his blood.

And as for Tru Nutz...