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'SNL' nails the experience of exhausted, gift-deprived moms on Christmas morning

This is a reminder: get your mom more than one present this Christmas!
/ Source: TODAY

Don't forget your mama this Christmas!

Kristen Wiig brought down the house hosting "Saturday Night Live" last night and one of the best moments of the show was a musical sketch that depicted what life is really like for moms on Christmas morning. (Spoiler alert: it's not that fun.)

In the sketch, Wiig plays a tired mom who gets woken up early by her kids, played by Kyle Mooney and Chloe Fineman.

In a song that every mom who celebrates the holiday will relate to, Wiig as the mom stands by while her husband and kids tear through a series of amazing presents including toys, electronics, books and more while she is gifted with — a robe.

"I got a Nerf gun," sings the son.

"I got a hat," sings the daughter.

"I got an autographed baseball bat," raps the dad, played by Beck Bennett.

While the other family members show off their increasingly awesome gifts including a telescope, a watch, a drum set and a phone, Wiig tries to sound appreciative of the very practical blush-colored bathrobe.

"That was not a 'SNL' skit, that was a documentary of what happens to millions of moms on Christmas Day," one person commented on YouTube.
"That was not a 'SNL' skit, that was a documentary of what happens to millions of moms on Christmas Day," one person commented on YouTube.SNL / NBC

"Thanks for the robe, it's really, really nice," mom raps unconvincingly. "I love this robe, guys. This is great."

The family continues to rap about their gifts which include the floor-sized piano from "Big," mom says she's going to "make us breakfast in my brand-new robe that I love so much."

"It's really soft," she comments before noticing the 40 percent off price tag that was left on. "Oh. It's on sale," she says trying to hide her disappointment.

At one point, Wiig appears with a dishrag on her arm saying she burnt it on the oven while cooking for the family. "It hurt pretty bad but I didn't even scream because I keep the pain inside of me," she raps.

Next, it's time to open the stockings, and of course everyone else's is filled with cool things — except for mom's.

"And mine is completely empty," sings mom. "Just a big flat sock with nothing inside. I only hang it up cause it looks kinda weird if it's missing in our pictures."

Then, just when it appears that there are some more presents under the tree, (possibly for mom?) the kids and dad yell out in unison, "It's presents for the dog!" The dog then revels in his many gifts which include a bone, treats and -- a robe.

Adding insult to injury, the kids insist on taking a family picture, which dad posts on the internet even after mom protests that she looks terrible as she's been up all night.

By the end of the sketch, Wiig is sitting alone on the couch with a big glass of red wine, looking like she's ready for the holiday to just be over.

"Your mom does everything for your family," says a voice-over. "This year get her more than one present. Moms like stuff, too."

Fans were quick to comment how relatable the sketch was.

"That was not a 'SNL' skit, that was a documentary of what happens to millions of moms on Christmas Day," one person wrote on YouTube. Another fan added, "The number of people searching 'Presents for mom other than a robe' just spiked on Google after this was released."

Another person wrote, "Shout out to all the moms. They’re the unsung heroes of everything."