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Sheldon breaks up with Amy on 'Big Bang Theory'

Sheldon and Amy's romantic Valentine's Day train kiss on the last episode "The Big Bang Theory" was a game changer.

But no one could have expected their romance to completely derail.


"I'll get right to the point — I think we need to end this relationship," Sheldon told Amy on Thursday's "The Table Polarization" — making the breakup official by asking for her electronic signature.

"So just sign this with your finger and please don't cry on my iPad," he instructed. "I didn't get AppleCare."

ShAmy fans might have been sobbing at this terrible turn of events, but Amy Farrah Fowler's tear ducts were dry.

"I'm not surprised you want to end the relationship," she said indifferently. "I'm a little surprised you didn't get AppleCare. Anyway, enjoy your life. Where do I sign?"

Deep breaths, ShAmy fans: Amy is smarter than the average neurobiologist — and she, um, turned the table on her unsuspecting (ex) boyfriend, thanks to Penny tipping her off about Sheldon's intentions.

Accusing Leonard of manipulating him, Amy played Sheldon like a game of Klingon Boggle. And her weapon of choice? The dining table Leonard bought.



"He knew as your girlfriend I wasn't going to stand by and let him bring a table into your apartment," she said indignantly. "I mean, a table? Come on!"

"Thankfully I won't have to see it, because I won't be your girlfriend anymore," she finished.

Slow clap, Dr. Fowler. And sooner than you can say "qaparHa" (Klingon for "I love you"), Amy was Sheldon's girlfriend again.  

Back at the apartment, Sheldon — coached by Amy — stood up to Leonard by parroting nearly everything his girl had said.

Including their relationship status, "which is stronger than ever," much to the relief of fans.







And while the pair may be stronger, the relationship's still not where Amy was hoping — with the couple living together in her apartment.

Don't give up, girl. If Leonard buys an ottoman or some throw pillows in the next few years, you may not need to roll any 20-sided dice again to get some physical affection from your man.