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'Sesame Street' spoofs 'The Voice' in new sneak peek

When "Sesame Street" returns for season 43 this fall, the kids' educational TV staple will boast even more of the show sendups, song spoofs and silly skits it always does so well. But there's no need for children -- or Mom and Dad -- to wait for the season premiere to get a good look at what's to come. Just check out the new sneak peeks.

First up, "Sesame Street" delivers its take on talent show hit "The Voice," complete with Muppet stand-ins for host Carson Daly and judges Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green -- there's even a felt version of Green's feline sidekick, Purrrfect. But where's the Adam Levine imposter? He seems to be missing, along with the vocals.

In another spot, guest star David Hyde Pierce plays the part of Mr. Chips, a haughty cookie connoisseur who aims to teach Cookie Monster a thing or two about consuming his favorite sweet treats, in a skit that sure to keep the kids giggling.

To see more of the upcoming season, check out the show's official YouTube channel.

The season premiere of "Sesame Street" airs Sept. 24 on PBS.

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