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On-screen nudity no big deal for Theron

Charlize Theron will continue to do something many young actresses are asked to do, but turn down — nudity.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Charlize Theron is done playing naive young women on screen.

The Oscar-winner revealed she is still approached to take on those types of roles, despite her age (she’s 34), but she has no interest in them.

“This package does not describe the center of my creamy goodness,” she joked in Vogue’s September 2009 issue.

And while young, fresh-faced muse roles aren’t expected on the “Hancock” star’s resume again, Theron will continue to do something many young actresses are asked to do, but turn down — nudity.

In the opening scene from her upcoming movie “The Burning Plane,” which opens in September, Theron doesn’t have a speck of clothing on.

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“That isn’t about me,” Theron told the mag of disrobing on film. “I don’t look at the movie and go, ‘Jesus, my a** is really saggy.’”

And just as she’s comfortable showing her naked body on screen, Theron is at ease with sharing herself in interviews.

“I feel like I always reveal too much,” she said. “There’s something sexy about the mystery. I don’t know how to play that card, though.”

One of the things she revealed to Vogue is that she regularly feels pangs of guilt over things she’s said.

“People tell me that cocaine makes you feel superhuman and you’ll say anything. Then when you come down like all of a sudden you have guilt,” she said. “But I have that feeling innately, even without the cocaine.”

Her openness will no doubt help her in her future, which she said will likely include a host of children.

“I just know I’m going to have five boys,” she said.

And it appears those kids will be fathered by her longtime beau, Stuart Townsend, 36, who she said she’s sticking with.

“We’ve been together for almost nine years,” she said of their relationship. “So by now we’ve kind of realized that we’re going to take this journey together.”