School photos: Would you airbrush out the awkward?

Hoda's school picture, left, and imagining what it would look like retouched, right.
Hoda's school picture, left, and imagining what it would look like retouched, right.Today

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By Julie Gerstein

For most of us, our junior high and high school pictures are something we'd rather forget. They were our awkward years, filled with braces, bad skin and terrible fashion choices.

Now, schools are offering parents and their kids the opportunity to clean up their school photos, offering two potential packages. You can airbrush out blemishes, change up hairstyles, or even switch out awful outfits. 

"Most of the schools are offering touch ups," explained Hoda. "One package gets rid of pimples or whatever. And then another package gives you the full Monty. You get better hair, and you get better clothes." 

"The full Monty means naked, Hoda." corrected KLG. We're pretty sure that's not what she meant. 

Either way, KLG isn't a fan. The touched up photos "aren't a true representation of how you looked when you were young."

To prove her point, Kathie Lee and Hoda experimented with one of Hoda's junior high photos, removing her glasses and giving tween Hoda the hairstyle she sports today. They left her necklace intact, however, as Hoda insisted she loved her high school-era jewelry.

"I think it is a little weird that people are redoing everything," Hoda said, of the urge to update and Photoshop. "Most of my high school yearbook pictures were hideous. Terrible. But so what?"

We still think you look great, Hoda!

What do you think about having school photos retouched? Tell us!