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Sad no more! Kanye cracks smile in new zip-lining photo

Kanye West did in fact make an expression of joy with his face while zip-lining in Mexico, a new photo reveals, a week after another image bolstered the claim that the rapper is always sad.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, zip-lining through the jungles of Mexico.

A Buzzfeed INVESTIGATION dug up the happy photo under the "activities" section of a website for Casa Aramara, "the only 5-star private residence in Punta Mita, Mexico." It's billed as "one of the most exclusive properties in the world," combining "natural beauty, warm ocean water, and priceless seclusion" just two hours by air from Los Angeles. The place is owned by Joe Francis, who gained fame as the mastermind behind the "Girls Gone Wild" franchise.

In the new photo, West is shown on his zip line, wearing a red helmet and large smile against a lush backdrop. His fianceé, Kim Kardashian, is snapped in the same pose, with less glee on her face, in an image split to the right of West.

Other photos in the website's activities section catch Kimye standing in the surf, lounging poolside and riding personal watercraft. Celebrities like Mario Lopez and Kylie and Kendall Jenner are pictured, too, showing off what it's like to have swimsuit bodies. Seals and dolphins, which apparently have gone less than wild, are shown performing tricks and giving rides to people like Quincy Jones.

Last week's sad Kanye image reportedly was found on a wall at the zip line office, and showed West sitting alone with a glum expression. The Internet, as it does, took notice after the image was posted to Reddit.



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