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Robin Williams' career advice to daughter Zelda: 'Be nice to everyone'

The 27-year-old actress talks about her father, and discusses her role in the harrowing Lifetime movie "Girl in the Box."
/ Source: TODAY

Robin Williams didn't only share his passion for acting with his daughter, Zelda Williams. He also shared a bit of simple career advice.

"Be nice to everyone," she recalled the legendary comedian telling her.

The 27-year-old actress recently sat down to chat with Access Hollywood Live hosts Natalie Morales and Kit Hoover about her new Lifetime movie, "Girl in the Box," based on a horrific real-life crime. Williams plays one half of a couple who kidnap a woman in 1977 and keep her captive in a box under their bed for seven years.

Williams, who also recently portrayed a transgender man in Freeform's spooky "Dead of Summer," said she often thinks of her beloved father's advice during long days on the set.

"I think a lot of people don't necessarily understand that actors can't be bright all the time because you're working 16-hour days and you had to wake up at, like, 2 in the morning," she said. "It's very odd."

"But there's no excuse for not being at least kind of patient and kind," said Williams.

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Williams' Academy Award-winning father, who committed suicide in 2014, also maintained that actors should never be the source of on-set problems.

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"There's 200 people trying to make something — you should not be the reason why it fails," she said.

"So when sets do fall apart and it's an actor's fault, I'm always like, 'Oh God, I'm sorry. That's not what you're supposed to do.'"

Another bit of dad's advice was more practical in nature — and his daughter still relishes repeating it.

"Don't wear your (microphone) packs to the bathroom," said the younger Williams, laughing.

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