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Readers share hopes for Harry Potter

Some long for romance, others for revealed secrets
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Christopher Bahn shared his thoughts on what he'd like to see (and not see) in J.K. Rowling's upcoming "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."

Now it's your turn. Here's just some of your feedback on what you're hoping for in the upcoming book.

LOVE LIFE“I would like to see Hermione and Ron get together so my sister will get really jealous.”    --Nicole

“I would like to see Harry and Hermione go out. Ron and Hermione is just sick.”    --Natalie

“I don’t want to see Ron and Hermione get together because it think Hermione is too smart (not too good!) for Ron. Not only that but what about Peter Pettigrew?”    --Lizzie

“I am hoping that Harry will find a stronger sense of family in “Half Blood Prince.” At the end of the third novel, Harry learned that Sirius Black was his godfather. Then in the latest novel “Phoenix,” Aunt Petunia seemed to shed her hard shell and soften a bit towards Harry when she realizes Voldemort as returned. You sense that maybe she finally “gets it,” that this isn’t just fantasy. (Wouldn’t also be wonderful if Aunt Petunia showed up with a little magic in her too). Harry has always carried the burden of being an orphan, despite having wonderful friends always looking out for him. For Rowling to resolve Harry’s sense of always being alone and in the dark would be a real treat.”    --Sherry

“I’m hoping we get more insight to Harry’s family, not only Lily and James, but other relatives as well. Sirius spoke briefly of James’ parents letting him stay with them for awhile, but that was pretty much it. What happened to James’ and Lily’s parents? Are they dead as well?”    --Erin

“I would like to see Aunt Petunia turn out to be a bit more understanding and loving. There is certainly potential there. And they can turn Dudley into some hideous creature for all of his bed behavior. I would like to see Snape’s character get expanded to reveal more of the early years and what turned him so hostile. It would be nice if there were a spell that could let Harry speak with his parents, just once. There is so much, but that is the basics.”    --Sue

“I would like to know about whatever secret Harry’s aunt has, which Dumbledore reminded her of in the last book and which compels her to keep Harry in her household.”    --Maggie

“Something that’s been bothering me for a long time, and maybe I just missed it, but what did Harry’s parents do before they were killed? Obviously, they were in the Order, but that’s no one’s day job. I think we all tend to assume they were Aurors, but I can’t specifically remember this being true.”    --Brittany

“I would like to see more of the Malfoys backstory, and more information on Draco Malfoy. Throughout the books he’s dropped hints of what’s to come and warned the Trio several times. GoF: He tells them to leave so Hermione doesn’t get hurt. OotP: He tells them that he knows who Sirius is in his animagi form and he also says that maybe Hagrid has found something “too big” for him. I would like to know if JKR just uses him to drop these clues, or if the character REALLY knows what’s going on.”    --Anna

SIRIUS RETURNS“I’d like to see Sirius come back... I can’t really be made to believe that just falling through a doorway was going to kill THAT guy.”    --Beverly

“I would like Sirius Black to return from the unknown place he went; whether it was death or not. I want Harry to finally have an adult figure who truly loves him and would do anything to protect him.”    --Rhonda

“I’d love to see more of the Weasley twins. I don’t want them to fade into the background just because they left Hogwarts. They provided such comic relief and they certainly stand up for what they believe in. They’re the kind of boys you wish you’d gone to school with.”    --Lisa

“Since Fred and George have visited every part of Hogwarts (with the help of the map they gave to Harry) what secrets do they hold dear?”    --A.M.

LUPIN’S BROTHER“Remus Lupin said he had a brother named Romulus. In Roman mythology, Romulus and Remus were two orphans who grew up with wolves, hence Lupin becoming a werewolf at every full moon. Also in mythology, Romulus and Remus get into a fight, and Romulus slays his brother, and eventually founds the city of Rome. Is Lupin’s brother actually a death eater? Will he kill Remus and go on to help Voldemort create a city of evil? I would like J.K. Rowling to answer this question in the Half-Blood Prince.”    --Arvind

MORE HAGRID“I would like to see a more substantial role for Hagrid as he is often portrayed as a clumsy or at most a decent character but nothing more..I think his past has been explored much more than his ‘personal development’ should have been. It would be disappointing if all the information of Hagrid’s past was just to fit the storyline. And I am probably guessing Hagrid to be the one who would be no more…keeping my fingers crossed.”    --Parlat

“I think that Hagrid is the Half-Blood Prince. I mean, think about it; he’s a half giant and if he was the Prince, he could get all of the giants on the good side! Then that would be one less creature Voldemort has control over. Yes, Hagrid, or Snape, but I’m not really sure why I think that.”    --Krista

DUMBLEDORE“I would love to see more of Dumbledore’s backstory. He seems magical even to the wizards in the stories. He is the only one Voldermort has ever feared.”    --Gloria

“I would like to see the end of Dumbledore. He is an older wizard who has little time left to live anyway. As he is the only wizard who Voldemort truly fears, his demise at the end of ‘Prince’ would certainly empower Voldemort for the final book. This would also cripple the good side to make the last book very interesting. It could even darken the ending plot if it inflamed Harry’s anger.”    --Jake

PETUNIA“I’d like to see why Petunia was alarmed by the howler from Dumbledore in the beginning of Phoenix. She’s hiding something, and it would be nice if it had a good plot twist to it.”    --Jennifer

NEVILLE“I’m not exactly sure about some things, but I think that Neville will become a major part inthe last 2 books. I also think that maybe the prophecy was wrong about Harry, and maybe it is Neville who Voldemort should watch out for because he is the one the prophecy is talking about.”    --Marina

“I would love to see the Prince to be someone we never expected... like Neville Longbottom. While reading several articles that hint to Rowlings’ ways of writing and oddities she throws in the books, I have found bits and pieces of Neville that I would have normally thought nothing of. Does he hold a significant meaning? Will his parents ever leave St. Mungo’s? I just want a shock when I find out who the Half-Blood Prince is and not be disappointed... like Malfoy. I would love to see him get his, too! But either way I know Rowling will grab all of us by the edge of our seats during this book! Thanks!”    --Sarah

“Seeing how Harry should be 16, he should get a license for some kind of ride like getting him his own car.”    --Anonymous

“I would love to see more Quidditch, although I would like to see Harry in a relationship too...I mean he’s 16 years old it’s about time his hormones started working!”    --Hollie

“Doesn’t anyone care about how Harry did on his OWLS? This is the wizarding equivalent of SAT scores. It’s important that he do well if he wants to be an Auror.”    --Lizzy

“I would like Harry to grow up a bit. It would be nice to see him less moody. I know he went through a lot but you still need to be considerate of how you act around other people.”    --Kathleen

HELPING HARRY“I would like to see the book’s chief crisis solved mainly by someone other than Harry, even if it is with Harry’s assistance. For example: Neville, Ron, or another (more minor) character.”    --Ed

THE DARK SIDE“I think it would be interesting if Harry momentarily pondered what it would be like as a dark lord, for he certainly possesses that capability.”    --Samantha

HOGWARTS“I’d like to see more of Hogwarts interesting little moving walls, stairs, doors, etc.”    --Diane

HERMIONE“I say lots more of Hermione kicking butt. Including Malfoy’s. Especially his.”    --Emily