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Readers' picks: The next Wonder Woman

You love Angelina Jolie, Eliza Dushku, Teri Hatcher and more

Who should be the next Wonder Woman? We asked you to vote and send in your suggestions and you did. Overwhelmingly, many of you think “Tomb Raider” Angelina Jolie should pick up the golden lariat, but you also had some other great suggestions.

Charisma Carpenter (Cordilla Chase of “Buffy” and “Angel”) would be an excellent choice as Wonder Woman. Not only has her reoccurring roles on the above provided a rich experience in the role of a strong female action performer, but recent roles on shows like “Charmed” have shown her popularity amongst this cult group following of 16- to 39-year-old males. The oblivious target for such a project. Keeping in mind that with “Buffy”/“Angel” creator Joss Whedon has signed to direct the director/star connection would be easy.—Patrick Kelly, Windsor, Ontario

Lauren Graham from “Gilmore Girls” would be my first choice. She's got a spark and sharpness that would match Joss Whedon's style. Evangeline Lilly would be my second choice. Please Mr. Whedon, please NO JENNIFER GARNER. I can't even stand to watch her on TV, stiff, no charisma, no wit.—D. Wilkerson, New Jersey

Jennifer Connelly. She is elegant but yet has the warmness and toughness that Wonder Woman possesses. I would want to see a WOMAN play Wonder WOMAN, not a child...—Steve, Atlanta

No doubt... Elizabeth Hurley. ;) Bruce Campbell should be the next Superman too. ;)—Bill Tello, Waterville, ME

Jill Hennessy should play Wonder Woman. Get a pic of her and compare it to a shot of Lynda Carter in the costume and you will see what I mean. Jill is a great actress, she is drop-dead lovely, and she is tall enough to look like an Amazon.—Weldon Adams, Fort Worth, Texas

Eliza Dushku. She's got the attitude and the physical prowess.—Name withheld

OK, if you don’t agree with me on this you are an idiot. Kate Beckinsale is the perfect choice. She has that long dark hair and those blue eyes that make every man stand still in his own drool. And what a figure. She has already proved her action hero chops in “Van Helsing.” Don’t count on me even thinking about seeing these other trollops in this movie.—Vince Gonzales, Albuquerque

Catherine Zeta-Jones. She's beautiful, curvy, sexy and mysterious looking. I think she'd add a touch of class to the superhero genre.—Mindy, Columbus, Ohio

Sandra Bullock. She mostly resembles the way Wonder Woman looked and she looks like a younger Linda Carter.—Alex Rodriguez, Pembroke Pines, Florida

Rhona Mitra. She played “Lara Croft” at trade shows. She's intense on “Boston Legal,” and very fit, dark and buxom. I think she could totally pull off the part.—Chuckybones, Houston, Texas

Catherine Bell from “JAG.” Demi Moore could do it.—R, S.C.

Angelina Jolie. Mind, body and spirit, she posesses all the essentail traits of Wonder Woman.—Haywood Jablomi, Sucknut, Utah

Carmen Electra. She is beautiful — has the eyes and long hair just like Lynda Carter and she has the body. She is the obvious choice.—Sonis, Lakewood, N.J.

They should ask Lucy Lawless — she's smoldering, sexy and athletic.—Jovinius

Tyra Banks would be perfect for the part. She has the whole look, beautiful body, gorgeous face and she can act.—Felix Zepeda, Irvine, Calif.

Alexa Davalos from “Angel” and “Chronicles of Riddick.” She's got the looks, the body type, the snappy personality and the acting chops to pull it off.—Sarah, Portland, Ore.

Lindsey Lohan is the obvious successor to take the role.—Shawn Wildermuth, Atlanta, Ga.

British model and TV personality Kelly Brook. She has the natural looks and curves of the original and can act as well. Garner and others, while beautiful and talented are too recognizable to take the role. Much like Christopher Reeve who was an unknown entity in 1980, Kelly Brook would fill the shoes immediately. Plus she has a following in Europe.—Joe Healy, Portland, Ore.

Teri Hatcher ... she had that whole “Lois & Clark” thing going and she has the look / personality for it.—Lisa, N.J.

Ideally, Charlize Theron should do it. She's tall enough and beautiful — perfect for the Amazon princess.—David Leitner, New York, NY

Beyonce Knowles or Jennifer Lopez.—Sandra Edwards, Kingwood, Texas

The new Wonder Woman should be — and can only be — Uma Thurman. Did you see her kick butt in the “Kill Bill” series? Who else could play Wonder Woman but Uma?—Patrick Kittell, Orlando, Fla.

What about Eva Longoria? I mean come on she is very easy on the eyes and isn't this what it's all about. Isn't that what made Lynda Carter such a good choice.—Matt Price, Stamford, CT

Vivica A. Fox. Who says she has to be some white chick?—Scott, New York City

Demi Moore, who I believe fits the age and persona of the television series more accurately. I also do not believe the character was portrayed as young as some of your current choices in the original comic book series. I see Demi as being able to pull off the physicality that such a role would demand, after her example performance in a movie such as “GI Jane.” Finally, I believe her voice has the power and tone that fits the role.—William, Liberty, MO

The next Wonder Woman should be Brooke Burke. Don't know if she can act, don't care if she can act.—Michael Hazen, Allendale, N.J.