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Hilary Duff teases if she’s ready to start making music again

The "How I Met Your Father" actor also reflected on her character Sophie's growth as the first season comes to an end.
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Hilary Duff fans have been waiting years for her to release new music. The 34-year-old actor released her last album, "Breathe In. Breathe Out." in 2015 and has since been focusing on her acting career.

But as she told TODAY during Hulu’s “How I Met Your Father” experience in Los Angeles, there may be something “in the works.”

“I don’t have a ton of time right now, to be honest, and motherhood is really important to me. I’ve worked a lot on the show and now we have a double-order season,” she shared, touching on how the “How I Met Your Mother" spin-off was recently renewed for a second 20-episode season.

Co-star Francia Raisa, who was also in attendance, quickly chimed in that Duff’s 3-year-old daughter, Banks Violet Bair, “loves your music.”

“Banks does love my music,” Duff agreed, before jokingly adding, “And I’m getting a little tired of listening to the old stuff. So I don’t know. I think that it’s bubbling and I haven’t started yet ... but it’s maybe ... it’s in the works.”

Duff started her career in acting, skyrocketing to fame while starring in the Disney Channel show “Lizzie McGuire” from 2001 to 2004. The former "Younger" star released her debut album, "Santa Claus Lane," in 2002, and last released an original single, “Sparks,” in 2015.

And just two years ago, she dipped her toe back into the music world by teaming up with her husband and musician, Matthew Koma, and RAC for a Third Eye Blind “Never Let You Go” cover. 

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These days, when she’s not being a mother to her three children — Luca, 9, Banks, 3, and Mae, 11 months — she’s celebrating Hulu's immersive event that allows fans of the show to tour the main characters' apartments and watch the series finale, which streams March 15. Duff also serves as a producer for the sitcom and will be heavily involved in its second season. 

Viewers have been invested right from the start, wondering who Duff’s character, Sophie, ends up with in the future. Raisa didn’t hold back, sharing her theory on who the father of Sophie’s child could be. 

Raisa, who portrays Valentina, expressed that she thinks Sid, played by Suraj Sharma, is the dad. "When that episode happened, when you guys had that moment in the hallway. They had the apology (Kit Kat) and he picked her up, I saw all the fans reacting. I was like, ‘She’s a smart one," Raisa said.

Both Sophie and Valentina have grown — and had a little bit of fun — over the course of the season. Duff and Raisa shared what the biggest lesson they, as well as their characters, have learned thus far.

“I think that the love that they have for each other is really apparent in the first episode,” Duff noted of their characters, who portray best friends on the show. “Us, being in our 30s, or newly into our 30s, there’s many moments in the show where it just proves that we’re still in progress. Like the moment where you confess that you don’t have a cool job and that things aren’t (always great). Your confidence ... you put it on a little bit because things aren’t perfect.” 

“Their understanding and love for each other is without borders,” she continued. “And that’s a really sweet thing that happens in our show where we’re just like, we’re flawed but we’re learning and we have each other’s backs so hard. And female friendship is the most important friendship. It’s nice that we’re getting to portray that on TV.”

Raisa added, “I love the way they have us communicate. And I think what I’ve learned the most is how to communicate with your girlfriend and ask something or admit something and be vulnerable, because it’s hard.”