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Pink feels confident at any weight, as long as she's 'fat and happy'

We're pretty proud of what the 36-year-old singer and mom has to say.
/ Source: TODAY

Pink likes to rebel every now and then, and that's not news to anyone.

But her most recent exploits have us reeling in a different sort of way: She's simply speaking her mind, and we have to admit we're pretty proud of what the 36-year-old singer and mom has to say.

In an article posted online yesterday, she told Food & Wine all about her culinary adventures, including the fact that she's "obsessed with halloumi. I grill it for salads with truffle oil and dandelion greens." And the cheese was only the beginning of her amusing interview; she later stated that her daughter "went through a clam phase. She loved them because the shells are like Pac-Man!"

But we were most interested to hear about her eating regimen while on tour. After all, she needs a ton of stamina to keep up her endurance during her two-hour shows.

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 08: Singer/ Songwriter Pink performs at \"The Ellen Degeneres Show\" season 13 bi-coastal premiere at Rockefeller Center on September 8, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images

"I eat a lot [on tour], because I work out four and a half hours a day: a two-hour show, plus yoga, cardio and a rig check with the flying apparatuses," she revealed, but went on to explain that she doesn't need a post-show reality check. In fact, she's fine with gaining a few pounds — or even a few dozen pounds — as long as she still feels good.

"I don't change my eating when I get home," she continued. "So everyone always asks me, 'What are you going to do after?' And I say, 'Get really fat and happy.'"

She may not be eating everything in sight, though. Pink's a vegetarian — or at least something close to that. "I haven't eaten anything four-legged or cute since I was 15. I had also stopped eating chicken, but when my daughter, Willow, was in my belly, she just demanded chicken wings and fingers."

And as we all know, you've got to listen to your belly.

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This isn't the first time Pink has inspired us to simply do whatever makes us happy, and specifically not to listen to body-shaming critics. In April of this year, she took to Twitter to let her fans know that she felt good no matter what others had to say about her weight.

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