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Phoenix may ‘Walk the Line’ right out of acting

Will “Walk the Line” star Joaquin Phoenix walk out of the business?

The moody actor, who plays Johnny Cash in the hit biopic, hinted to reporters that acting is so consuming he’s considering quitting.

“Getting into a character is very difficult for me because I step away from everything that makes me comfortable,” Phoenix told the London Mirror. “I show up with nothing in a strange hotel room in a strange city. I don’t know anybody. . . . I’d like a relationship — I’ve grown very tired of acting, the whole process, having to walk away from my life.”

Phoenix — who while playing the addicted Cash pulled a sink out of the wall even though it wasn’t in the script — checked into rehab shortly after the shoot. “It’s the best thing I ever did for myself,” he said. “Cash was addicted to pills, for me it was all about drinking.”

Hare Krishnas like Gere filmA group that has been called a cult is grateful for its sensitive portrayal in a Richard Gere film.

Leaders of ISKCON, which is popularly known as the Hare Krishnas, have said that “Bee Season,” starring Richard Gere and Juliette Binoche, is good — even though they do nitpick it a bit.

“We appreciate the filmmaker’s sincere efforts to accurately depict the Hare Krishna movement,” noted a statement from ISKCON. The group does note that it worries that viewers will think the group condones a character’s actions when he lies to his parents to stay at a Hare Krishna temple.

Some found that ironic. “It’s unbelievable that a group like ISKCON could quibble with the movie  about its policies on minors, when they have paid out millions to children who claimed they were raped and brutally beaten within their gurukulas [schools],” Rick Ross, of Cultnews.net told The Scoop. “Perhaps the moviemakers were encouraged by Richard Gere who seems especially sensitive to spiritual issues.”

Notes from all over
Ashlee Simpson
is reportedly dating “Jackass” star Chris Raab, but she’s trying to keep the romance a secret from her manager/father, Joe Simpson, according to In Touch Weekly. The mag says that the two were spotted smooching at Metal Skool night at the Key Club in Hollywood.  . . . Tori Spelling and her soon to be ex-hubby are fighting over custody of their dogs, according to Life & Style Weekly, which reports that Spelling has custody of the two pups, Mimi and Leah, but Charlie Shanian wants scheduled visits.  . . .Usher has taken a bold stand against African-Americans wearing baggy jeans. “Everything I try to wear is custom-made, at least as far as shirts,” the rapper told Complex mag. “If I wear name-brand, it’s usually jeans. . . . I don’t rock ridiculous oversized jeans. It’s about time for we, as young black men to tailor it up, put a little shape in our jeans.” 

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