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'Parks and Recreation's' Nick Offerman talks love interest Lucy Lawless

Ron Swanson has had tough times with the ladies (usually named Tammy) on "Parks and Recreation," but his luck might soon change thanks to a new love interest this season. And according to Nick Offerman, the actor behind the mustachioed parks director, the new twist marks a big change for him too.

After all, as Offerman told TODAY Thursday morning, the part of his lady love is played by easy-on-the-eyes actress Lucy Lawless, and he hardly sees that as the most likely matchup in prime time.

"I've never, in 20 years of professional acting, countenanced such a champion of a lady standing across from me," Offerman explained. "I mean, I've played her plumber and her bus driver, but I've never played 'the guy' with her. So it's really fun."

"Parks and Recreation" airs Thursday at 9:30 p.m. on NBC

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