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Paris was just too young, readers say

But many appreciated teenager’s voice, say she will go far
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Teenager Paris Bennett was sent home on the May 3 "American Idol" show, with Elliot Yamin joining her in the bottom two. While many viewers weren't surprised, most still have high praise for Bennett and Yamin's voices, feeling Bennett may have been simply too young to hope to win the competition.

Here are some of your comments.

UNHAPPY VIEWER“Paris did not deserve to go. She presents the whole package. And no, Elliott should not have been in the bottom two. He consistently presents the best vocals. Isn’t it supposed to be about the voice?”    --RJ

TOO YOUNG“Paris was a terrific singer, but her songs were too ‘old’ for her. It was like seeing a cute little cuddly child trying to be too adult. I wish she would have waited a year or two, then won the whole thing.”  --Iris

TOO SCREECHY“Yes Paris did deserve to go home. She is a good singer but a little screechy a lot of the time.”  --Anonymous

TIME FOR ELLIOTT TO GO“I’m really disappointed that Paris got the boot yesterday, but not surprised. I think it was kinda hard for her to find a niche because she was so universally great. I hope (and pray) that Elliot goes home next, he drives me crazy every time he opens his mouth to sing. I can’t believe that so far he’s been able to outmaneuver some really great performers in what really is a popularity contest.”  --Medea

NO PERSONALITY“Elliott has a great voice. Unfortunately he doesn’t have the personality to win. He’s too shy and quiet. He is good though, just not as good as Taylor. He’s the best!”  --Debra

BLESSING IN DISGUISE“Paris is a great singer and will do well with or without American Idol. She is young and talented and her humbleness will take her far. For some it is a blessing not to be the American Idol and I think that It will be a blessing for her in the long run that she didn’t win the title.”   --Tonya

NO TAYLOR FAN“Taylor Hicks is A JOKE! He looks like an idiot on-stage, can sing a little, but to what demographic is his style going to appeal to? Perhaps 45-60 year-old elevator music crowds? Not to mention the fact that he is the worst dancer I have EVER seen, looks like he is having seizures onstage. Get him off the show now!! The American public are sheep.”    --Damon

CHRIS SHOULD WIN“Chris Daughtry deserves to win, of course Katharine McPhee is great also but she had the opportunity to have a mother has a singing instructor, which Chris did not. Katharine is younger and will surely have alot of opportunities to go far with a singing career. I find Chris more natural, calm, not funny, he’s himself. Paris did deserve to go, and Elliot has a great voice but sometimes that is just not good enough. Taylor puts a smile on your face every time you watch him but that is not enough, it is not a comedy series so he’s probably the next one to go. I am voting for Chris all the way, to me he’s the best and deserves by far to become the next American Idol.”    --Anonymous

CHRIS WILL WIN“While Paris has a beautiful singing voice and clearly is talented her fan base is not as big as the other contestants. Eliott is an excellent singer in an unusual sort of way. His voice is different. I did not expect him to be in the bottom two. On the other hand, Chris Dougherty can’t sing anything other than Rock but he consistently winds up in the top half of the competition. He’s a rocker pure and simple and will probably win the competition.”  --Anne