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‘Paradise Hotel’ is finally coming back

"Paradise Hotel" will return. Plus: Byron and Mary still engaged; how to get your car on "Pimp My Ride'; more.
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Q: My favorite two reality TV shows are “Paradise [Hotel]” and “Big Brother.” Why was “Paradise [Hotel]” shelved? Watching those guests back-stab each other was thrilling! It was great TV.   —Richard

A: FOX’s “Paradise Hotel” is one of those reality shows that, since its conclusion and cancellation, has not been forgotten. Fans have long hoped it would return, but FOX aired a knock-off version, “Forever Eden,” instead (it flopped and was soon cancelled).

But there’s good news: The FOX Reality Channel — which has aired repeats of the original season — recently announced that it will film a new version of “Paradise Hotel.” A that it’s scheduled to debut the week of January 13, 2008, but no other details are available yet.

The show sent a group of singles to a house in Mexico, where they paired up every week, and those who were eliminated were replaced by new cast members. Twists were introduced at random, making the show feel like it didn’t have much of a structure at all.

The new series will be produced by the same production company, and will air on both the cable network and MyNetworkTV, the network that took over for many UPN stations. There’s no word about the show’s structure or its cast.   

"Paradise Hotel" fans always want to know if Amy and Zach, the kind of domineering big-couple-on-campus team from the show, are still together. According to various sources, including Zach's , which also notes that he is leaving Arizona to return to Hawaii, they are not.    —A.D.

Q: I was wondering if Byron and Mary are indeed still together...There is no info for the past like 2 years.... Help!! I loved them! Tell me there still is hope for these "Bachelors."    —April

A: According to the "Bachelor" special that aired the night after , Byron Velvick and Mary Delgado are still together, own a home together, and are engaged and planning a fall 2007 wedding.

However, viewers who've followed the couple know that an early 2006 and a fall 2006 wedding have both been mentioned in the past, so who knows if that will happen? Mary seemed to eager for children on two "Bachelor" seasons she appeared on that it's somewhat surprising the two haven't wed and started a family by now.

But give them credit: They're managing to keep their lives and their romance out of the media spotlight, unlike, say, .    —G.F.C.

Q: How can I apply to get a car makeover with “Pimp My Ride” if i live in San Antonio, Texas?    —Irene

A: While it's easier for Southern Californians to get their rides pimped, there's a tiny ray of hope for those in other states.

The says non-SoCal residents can email PMRCASTING@MTVSTAFF.COM and "include your name, phone number, pictures of your car, and a brief description of how your car ended up in the condition that it's in." But it doesn't sound that promising: The page says that those folks will be considered only if the show decides to go nationwide with its car owners.    —G.F.C.

Reader comment cornerThis week, we found some readers with very different opinions on various topics, and share them here.

Reality TV in generalHate it!
"Yes, I have a question about reality tv. When will it all go away?"    --JC

Love it!"I love all the reality shows... It keeps our little community very busy socially. So, keep them coming. We all look forward to the ongoing entertainment and fun."    --Marsha

Tom Bergeron on 'Dancing With the Stars'Love him!"The host of 'Dancing With the Stars' Tom Bergeron adds tremendously to the show. He is witty, and clever...perhaps most of it goes over your head."    —Anna

Hate him!"Will they replace Tom Bergeron as host on 'Dancing with the Stars' soon? I hate the part of the show when he is involved. I think they can find someone that is not so stiff looking. He just doesn't look the part. Look deeper."     --Terry

Bevin as Bachelorette"I think that Bevin should be the next bachelorette since Andy dumped her. I really thought they would be together. She deserves a chance at love."    --Anonymous

Sanjaya can be a star"Despite my family's opinion, I LOVED Sanjaya! I only hope the best for him in the future, and am wondering if he is seeking professional voice training in order to equal his eclectic, charismatic personality on stage. I'm still hoping Marc Anthony and JLo will "take him home" and groom him to be a star! He so has the qualities!"    —Sandra

Desperately seeking a song title
Note: "Dancing With the Stars" lists all of the songs used in this season's competition , but since this song wasn't from an actual graded performance, it wasn't listed. if you can identify the song.

"On the last episodes of 'Dancing With the Stars,' with Mario Lopez, he danced to a song that goes something like 'ayayaya mi corazon,' I think he did the cha-cha to it....Who is the artist and the correct name of the song?"    —Terry

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