Oscar Party Couples! Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Glued Together at Vanity Fair

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/ Source: E!online
By Ted Casablanca

Lots of relationship scoop for ya from Oscar weekend!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were the golden couple last night at the star studded Vanity Fair bash, making their first red carpet appearance together.

Inside, we're told the two mingled and "couldn't keep their hands off each other" totally unlike another power couple:

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Jessica Biel finally joined Justin Timberlake during his Oscar celebration (he took his mom to the show) and we're told the hot pair weren't exactly tight inside.

"They hardly interacted at all actually," a party source at Vanity Fair tells us. "It was pretty weird, they seriously barley spoke to each other."

Can't say we're all that surprised, this is one relationship that needs to bite the dust. They are so friggin' hot apart! But together? Total boresville.

Speaking of couples that don't interact, Bradley Cooper and Rene Zellweger were at the same Oscar party Friday night and we're told they didn't hang out either!

The duo was at CAA lord Bryan Lourd's party and an insider says the supposedly rockin' couple didn't interact one bit.

"Rene, who actually looked gorgeous, mingled with guests and Bradley hung out with a guy friend for a while on the couch," a partygoer tells us.

"I didn't see them talk once inside, but believe they left together."

Yes, left with a zillion paparazzi outside!

Also, contrary to some reports out there, at Bryan's A-list bash Ashton Kutcher was there with Demi Moore.

Some sites claim he left Demi at home and was flirting up a storm with female party goers, but we're assured the two were most definitely together.

"Demi was there, but was hanging more with Rumer [Willis]," an insider confirms. "She and Ashton would chat up other guests but always came back together. They looked fine to me."

Still, who would of thought some of Hollywood's A List needs to take lessons from Bieber and Gomez?

They were hands down the couple to beat this weekend, and they aren't even legal to drink champagne. Step it up folks!

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