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Oscar the Grouch reveals his Oscar predictions

“Sesame Street’s” resident trash enthusiast, Oscar the Grouch, took a break from his usual grump and garbage routine to chime in on the entertainment industry’s other Oscar — the gold-dipped one.

"First, I was horrified to hear that there was an award named after me, especially after I saw how disgustingly shiny the award is," the curmudgeonly muppet revealed in an AOL “You’ve Got” video. “But then I found out the Oscar is a Hollywood movie award, and I was thrilled. After all, Hollywood puts out some of the greatest trash I’ve ever seen.”

Zing! After giving showbiz what for, the green guy listed off his personal picks for the upcoming award show.

“Best actor? Colin Filth,” Oscar began enthusiastically. “With a name like that, how can he lose? Oh, wait. That’s ‘Firth.’ Oh, well. Close enough.”

Among Oscar’s other predictions were Christian Bale for best supporting actor (“No one talks trash like him”) and “Waste Land” for best documentary. By the time Oscar got around to the top honor, he lived up to his grouchy reputation.

“For best picture, I’m going with ‘127 Hours,’ because that’s how long I feel like I’ve been talking about this!”

The 83rd Academy Awards airs Feb. 27 at 8p.m. ET on ABC .