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This opera singer tried to serenade penguins — and it didn't go so well

Opera singer Nick Allen is a famous British tenor, but not everybody thinks he's worth sticking around for, apparently.
/ Source: TODAY

You'd think penguins would be huge opera fans.

After all, as Jimmy Fallon once noted on "The Tonight Show," they're born in tuxedos!

But as British tenor Nick Allen learned during a visit to Antarctica recently, penguins would rather be anywhere than near opera.

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In a hilarious video that's gone viral with over 620,000 views on YouTube, Allen stands proudly in his cold-weather gear before a large rock populated with an audience that's not really doing all that much. He launches into his routine for the camera and ...

Mass exodus! Clearly, penguins and opera are just polar opposites.

Maybe "O Sole Mio," would have been a better choice, since penguins love fish?

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