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Oops, Britney’s mom did it again

Some Britney Spears fans are startled by the latest posting by the singer’s mother on the star’s Web site.
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Some Britney Spears fans are startled by the latest posting by the singer’s mother on the star’s Web site.

In it, Lynne Spears seems to be joking about the incident in which she ran into a crowd of photographers with her car, injuring one, while daughter Britney sobbed hysterically. “[Britney] wanted to take a few days because some of the paparazzi seem to be getting more and more aggressive,” Lynne Spears wrote on the site, then added: “(Funny though, they seem to be steering at least 3 feet clear of me!)”

The fortysomething Lynne also bragged in the posting that she dresses like her 22-year-old pop star daughter. “It was so funny, Britney and I hadn’t seen each other for a week while she was away and wouldn’t you know it— the first day we saw each other we were both dressed alike and wearing the same color — chocolate brown!” Lynne wrote. “Even when we’re not together we still share the same idiosyncrasies.”

“It sort of creeped me out,” says one fan. “Some stage mothers manager their kids’ careers [but] this one seems to wants to be her.”

Canada loves Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton autographs copies of his book \"My Life\" in Toronto on Thursday August 5, 2004. (AP Photo/CP,Frank Gunn)Frank Gunn / CP

Bill Clinton was treated like a rock star at a book signing in Toronto, Canada.

Hundreds of fans camped out over night to have the former president autograph a copy of his autobiography, "My Life," and Clinton spent more than 2½ hours signing books for 1,500 readers, then moved outside for another 45 minutes of signing outside.

Despite strict orders not to touch Clinton or ask him for anything unusual, Valerie Lema, a 21-year-old college student was quoted in several publications as saying she kissed the former president “because he’s hot.” Lena reportedly asked Clinton if she could kiss him on the cheek, and, according to some accounts he said yes, though according to others, Clinton just smiled. So Lema went for it.

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I’m kissing Bill Clinton,” Lema was thinking during the big smooch, she told the Hamilton Spectator. “I was so nervous. I wasn’t sure I was going to do it, but it just came out of my mouth.”

Notes from all over

Actors Robert De Niro (L) and Leonardo DiCaprio, speak during the Kerry Victory 2004 Concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, Thursday, June 24, 2004. Hollywood's artists came out for a star-studded concert to raise $5 million for Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry. (MAGS OUT, NO SALES, MANDATORY CREDIT) REUTERS/Michael Caulfield/WireImage/Handout US ELECTIONMichael Caulfield

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele thrilled fans in her native Brazil with a romantic romp to various parts of the country, according to a source there. When they visited Sao Paulo, however, they stayed holed up in their suite at the Hotel Emiliano, apparently to avoid photographers. “Leo doesn’t speak a single word in Portuguese,” says our source. “Whenever he wanted to call room service, he would say in English, ‘Hi. It’s me again.’ ”  . . . Tom Cruise, out promoting “Collateral,” continues to knock psychiatry, which is looked down on by Scientology, Cruise’s religion.  . . . Matt Damon compared action movies to porn flicks, and it sounds like he’s seen a few of both genres. “My theory on action movies is that they’re like porn movies,” Damon told the London Independent. “A porn movie has got really bad writing, really bad acting and really thinly drawn characters. They have a really sh**** scene where they talk and say ‘Hey, I’m the milkman.’ And you know what is going to happen. And then you get the action and you don’t really feel anything for the action and then you get another really stupid scene with ‘Hey, I’m the mailman.’ ”

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