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Katy Perry throws pizza to her fans during a nightclub appearance

“A mother feeding her children,” the pop star wrote.

Pizza slices were flying everywhere during Katy Perry's nightclub appearance in Las Vegas.

A video of the "Roar" singer throwing slices went viral and people are demanding she continue doing this for them.

One specific video shows Perry rocking a printed pink outfit and dancing along to “In da Getto” by J Balvin and Skrillex while at a dark nightclub. As someone holds a giant pizza box next to her, she grabs a slice, places it on a paper plate, and tosses it to the crowd. Fans reach out to grab it, but the pizza falls to the ground.

She then flings a second piece that disappears into a sea of people.

“a mother feeding her children,” the pop star wrote on Twitter. retweeting a video of the moment. 

Fans online went wild for the moment, cracking jokes and hoping they got to experience Perry throwing pizza at them.

“u always have something to SERVE,” one fan tweeted.

“katy perry throw a pizza at me,” one person tweeted, with another adding, “We’re seeing Katy Perry in concert on Saturday. If she DOESN’T throw pizza at us I’m asking for a refund.”

"I feel like if I were a celeb I would be Katy Perry," one person commented, while others shared opinions via gifs and photos.

“Going as the Katy Perry slice of thrown pizza for Halloween this year,” one person tweeted.

Perry kicked off her Las Vegas residency, “Play,” at Resorts World Theatre on July 29. The show will run until Oct. 2.