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Who’s the unexpected voice at the beginning of Harry Styles’ new ‘Satellite’ music video?

Styles tapped a big TV star to be in his project.

Harry Styles' new music video, "Satellite," features a very familiar voice.

The clip, which dropped on May 3, begins with someone narrating a documentary on Curiosity, a rover living on Mars. The person explains Curiosity has been alone on the planet for over a decade, and according to the video's description on YouTube, the mystery voice belongs to none other than “Succession” star Brian Cox.

Once fans realized that it was him, they took to Twitter to share their excitement.

One person enjoyed hearing Cox's voice, writing, "harry styles using brian cox in his music video was for me."

Another said that Styles must love the TV show “Succession” if he wanted Cox to be in “Satellite.”

A third noted that their "two worlds have collided" once they heard Cox's voice in the music video.

Brian Cox
Brian Cox surprised fans as the narrator in Harry Styles' "Satellite" music video.Pablo Cuadra / Getty Images

While "Satellite" started off with Cox narrating the documentary, the rest of the music video is focused on a little automatic vacuum cleaner who's name is Stomper, according to Rolling Stone. The robot travels in search of connection after it realizes that it relates to Curiosity's loneliness on Mars.

But after the robot travels to many different places, it finally settles down next to Styles as its battery reaches empty, with the singer lying on the grass outside of NASA, according to Rolling Stone.

Fans took to the comments section of the YouTube video to express how impressed they were with the production.

One fan commented that they didn't expect "this kind of video for this song but Harry never disappoints he really is a great artist and I love what he brings to the table."

Another said, "This isn’t a typical 'sad' music video but the intensity of emotions it portrays is remarkable."

A third added, "The quality of Harry’s music videos is one of the things that impresses me most about his work. There is a real concern in doing an impeccable job, taking care of absolutely every detail. There isn’t even a bad music video in his entire solo career. Congratulations to all the professionals involved!"