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Apple Music Replay 2023: Music trends, top songs and more from this year

Plus, find out what all-time record Taylor Swift set on the platform.
/ Source: TODAY

The Apple Music soundtrack to your 2023 is now available.

Year-end insights for Apple Music subscribers, more collectively known as Apple Music Replay, went live Nov. 28, spotlighting users' top songs, artists, albums, genres and more.

Apple Music Replay is one of many personal soundtracks, pioneered by Spotify, that have become quite popular in recent years.

Here's everything you need to know.

What is Apple Music Replay

In addition to songs, artists, genres and albums that are most listened to, Apple Music Replay also includes year-end charts of the biggest songs of 2023 across Apple Music and Shazam. Plus, the platform revealed the songs sang along to the most using the Apple Music Sing feature.

How to see Apple Music Replay

Apple Music Replay is simple to find: Subscribers can log in using the same Apple ID used for Apple Music, then they can click into the curated lists. Only users who listened to music via the platform will have Apple Music Replay available to them.

“Superfans can even discover whether they are in the top 100 listeners of their favorite artist or genre or listen to their personal top 100 songs chart from each year they’ve qualified with the Replay yearly playlists,” the press release says.

How long is Apple Music Replay available?

Apple Music Replays are available "throughout the year so music lovers can keep listening, exploring and sharing all year long," the press release says. Lists from previous years are currently available.

What are the Apple Music Replay highlights so far?

As users access their personalized lists, they will likely share them on social media as many have in years past.

In addition to user insights, there are more general findings available:

  • The genre Música Mexicana makes the year-end global songs chart for the first time with four songs.
  • Taylor Swift is Apple Music’s Artist of the Year for 2023. "All told, more Apple Music subscribers listened to Taylor Swift in 2023 than to any other artist in the world," the release says, which also states she's also set a new all-time record for the most listeners in a single year on Apple Music for any artist.
  • Country singer Morgan Wallen's "Last Night" is No. 1 on the Top Songs of 2023 Global list, the first country song to top the chart since "Old Town Road" in 2019, the release says. Plus, Wallen also scored the No. 1 album of the year with "One Thing at a Time," the release says.
  • J-Pop notches the highest ranking in the Top 100 2023: Sing chart with YOASOBI's “アイドル (Idol),” which also reached No. 7 on the year-end top songs chart.
  • “Calm Down,” the remix by Rema featuring Selena Gomez, claims the No. 12 spot on the global songs chart, becoming the highest ranking African song ever on the list.
  • SZA’s "SOS" was the second biggest album of the year on Apple Music worldwide, marking a big win for R&B.