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Regina King transforms into the first Black congresswoman in 'Shirley' first look trailer

The Oscar winner will portray Shirley Chisholm, one of the most prolific women in history.
Regina King as Shirley Chisholm in "Shirley."
Regina King as Shirley Chisholm in "Shirley."Glen Wilson / Netflix
/ Source: TODAY

Regina King stars as Shirley Chisholm, America's first Black congresswoman, in Netflix's new movie “Shirley."

On Feb. 19, the streaming platform released the first official trailer for the upcoming Chisholm biopic.

The trailer starts out with King's Chisholm announcing she's running for president of the United States in 1972.

"I'm paving the road for a lot of other people who look like me to get elected," she says in the clip.

Although Chisholm is met with many naysayers, who don't believe she should run, the congresswoman tells them she has just as good of a chance as anyone else running and that she's dedicated to making a difference.

"I've seen too much suffering, and I don't know how to not try," she says in the clip.

In another scene, King's character adds, "I don't think I'm special. I just want to remind people what's possible."

Read on for more details about "Shirley."

When is 'Shirley' coming out?

"Shirley" will be released globally on Netflix on March 22.

Who is starring in "Shirley"?

Aside from King, who's taking on the role of Shirley Chisholm, Terrence Howard is also set to star in the film as Arthur Hardwick Jr., Chisholm's husband.

Regina King as Shirley Chisholm and Terrence Howard as Arthur Hardwick Jr. in "Shirley."
Regina King as Shirley Chisholm and Terrence Howard as Arthur Hardwick Jr. in "Shirley."Glen Wilson / Netflix

According to IMDb, other stars who'll appear in the film are Brian Stokes Mitchell as Stanley Townsend, Lance Reddick as Wesley McDonald ‘Mac’ Holder, Lucas Hedges as Robert Gottlieb, Christina Jackson as Barbara Lee, Michael Cherrie as Conrad Chisholm, Dorian Crossmond Missick as Ron Dellums, Amirah Vann as Diahann Caroll, W. Earl Brown as George Wallace, Brad James as Huey Newton and André Holland as Walter Fauntroy.

What has Regina King said about "Shirley"?

In a Jan. 9 interview with Harper's Bazaar, King talked about the film and what impressed her about Chisholm's life.

“What she did was so pioneering. She was a true maverick, and, you know, we use this term all the time, but she was a true first,” King said.

To prepare for the role, King said she talked to people who knew the congresswoman "very well."

“I watched every bit of footage there is out there of her. From all of that, you start to look in between the cracks, right? Paying attention to all of those little things showed me just how much of a strategist  she was," the Oscar winner said. "It takes great strategy to be able to be in the spaces that she was in, and go toe to toe with the people that she went toe to toe with.”

As for Chisholm's brave decision to run for president, King said it only set her character apart from the crowd.

“Making the decision to run for president as a Black woman in those times, it really made people think, ‘Is she crazy?’ But if you want to call it crazy, then crazy is a good thing," King said.