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Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin have murder on their minds in trailer for new movie

The duo are back together again in “Moving On,” and this time they are looking for revenge.
/ Source: TODAY

Friends Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are teaming up again for an upcoming film that promises to be more mysterious than their previous collaborations, “Grace & Frankie” and “80 for Brady.” 

The duo will appear in the dark comedy “Moving On,” which is set to be released on March 17. The film focuses on two estranged friends who reconnect after the death of their other close friend.

A trailer for the movie released on Feb. 1 begins with Fonda’s character, Claire, arriving at her friend’s funeral with one thing on her mind: revenge. 

“Howard, I’m going to kill you,” she tells her friend’s widower, played by Malcolm McDowell. “Now that she’s gone, I’m going to do it this weekend.”

Howard looks concerned — and he should be. The rest of the clip shows Claire teaming up with Tomlin’s character, Evelyn, to plan Howard’s murder. The pair visit a gun store before they later consider poison. 

The trailer reveals that Claire has been holding onto a secret about Howard for four decades that fuels her disdain toward him. 

Meanwhile, Howard denies that he did anything wrong. During one moment, Claire confronts him, and he says, “I am shocked by your utter selfishness. You blame me for what happened in your own marriage. I think you are not built for happiness.” 

But, Evelyn has her friend’s back and is ready to literally kill for her. While the two hatch their devious plot, they reconnect. They also joke about Claire rekindling her relationship with a past love, Ralph, played by Richard Roundtree. 

“Moving On” originally premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2022 and was acquired by Roadside Attractions

Although the film will be released after “80 for Brady” hits theaters on Feb. 3, The Hollywood Reporter reports that Tomlin and Fonda actually filmed this movie first. They decided to team up for “Moving On” shortly after their Netflix series “Grace & Frankie” ended. 

“When I’m not with Lily for a few days, I miss her. It’s visceral,” Fonda told the outlet last year about their friendship and working together. “She has a humor that comes from deep within. It’s soulful, it’s not cynical, and it’s never at anyone’s expense.”

Their bond is apparent in “80 for Brady” which brings Fonda, 85, Field, 76, Tomlin, 83, and Moreno, 91, together to play a group of devoted New England Patriots fans who travel to see Tom Brady play in the Super Bowl. 

At the Los Angeles premiere for the sports comedy on Jan. 31, the now-retired NFL superstar joined Fonda, Field, Tomlin and Moreno on the red carpet. 

During an interview at the event, Fonda told reporters, “Tom Brady gave us a signed jersey.” 

She playfully added, “Can’t say I sleep with it, but...”

The four Hollywood legends also recently sat down with NBC’s Harry Smith to discuss their new film. 

After all the actors gushed about being a fan of each other, Moreno chimed in and said, “It was one of the best experiences of my life working with these women.”