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Meg Ryan delivers touching speech honoring 'When Harry Met Sally' co-star Billy Crystal

And she teased him about that famous deli scene, too.

Over 34 years after the release of "When Harry Met Sally," Meg Ryan is looking back on her time acting alongside Billy Crystal.

The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts honored multiple artists at the event, which took place on Dec. 3 and was aired Dec. 27, including Crystal, Renée Fleming, Barry Gibb, Queen Latifah and Dionne Warwick.

Ryan's speech honored her co-star in the fan-favorite rom com — and roasted him, too.

To start off the speech, Ryan touched on the movie's famous New York deli-set scene, in which Sally (played by Ryan) fakes an orgasm while sitting across from her then-friend, Harry (played by Crystal).

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"This scene came really naturally to me, and I really have Billy to thank for that," she said. "I've actually never been around anyone who made faking an orgasm easier. So, thank you, Billy."

While the movie came out decades ago, Ryan said she notices and appreciates the ongoing support it continues to receive to this day.

"Somehow, even a million years later, 'When Harry Met Sally' is still at the top of every list when people talk about their favorite rom coms," Ryan said. "Which is flattering, amazing and humbling."

As for why the movie is still so resonant? Ryan praised director Rob Reiner's "brilliant direction," writer Nora Ephron's "perfect script" and Marc Shaiman's "fantastic musical score."

The 62-year-old actor also took a moment to look at the chemistry she and Crystal, 75, shared when filming "When Harry Met Sally."

"And then, there's chemistry. Chemistry is ... well, no one really knows what chemistry is, but Harry and Sally had it," she said.

"And all I know is that acting with Billy was effortless, the characters just came alive and just meeting him, I don't know how could you not love Billy Crystal."

Meg Ryan honors Billy Crystal | 46th Kennedy Center Honors
Meg Ryan said acting with Billy Crystal was "effortless."YouTube

She went on to do a little bit of character analysis for Sally's romantic match.

"Harry is a very flawed character," she said. "Obnoxious, insensitive and terrified of commitment."

"But if you strip away all of Harry's flaws, what you have underneath is pure Billy, and what he brings to all his characters ... heart."

Crystal has had a long career in Hollywood, with roles ranging from "Monsters Inc." to "City Slickers." He recently adapted and starred in a Broadway version of his movie "Mr. Saturday Night."

Ryan says Crystal is the reason behind Harry's staying power.

"Harry listened to his heart because Billy listens to his," she said.