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Lacey Chabert says she's 'open to' a 'Mean Girls' sequel after reuniting with cast

The actor tells that working with Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Seyfried again was "a full circle moment."
/ Source: TODAY

Lacey Chabert was just as excited about the “Mean Girls” reunion as fans were.

Nineteen years after the actor tried to make “fetch happen,” she reunited with her “Mean Girls” co-stars, including Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Seyfried for a nostalgic ad and mini-sequel.

Chabert tells that reprising her role as Gretchen Wieners and being back with a number of her former castmates was a “full circle moment” — and would even consider doing a real “Mean Girls” sequel.

“Oh my gosh, it was the best! It was like stepping back in time, like no time had passed,” the actor says while talking about her Glade partnership. “It was so fun to reminisce about all the memories we have from the movie and then catch up with each other.”

“We’re all moms now,” she adds, “And it was such a full circle moment and I’m so thankful for the experience.”

The commercial, filmed for Walmart’s Black Friday deals, featured three-fourths of the Plastics, as well as other original characters, as adult versions of their characters with teenagers of their own. Lohan, who portrayed Cady Heron, appears to be the school’s guidance counselor, Gretchen is a stage mom, and Karen Smith (Seyfried) is a weather reporter. There’s also a nod to the famous “Jingle Bell Rock” performance.

When asked if the commercial’s storyline sparked interest in furthering the “Mean Girls” franchise, Chabert was all in.

“Oh, I think we all really enjoyed revisiting those characters and would, of course, be open to it,” she says. “But for now, I’m just thankful we had that experience.”

The comedy, meanwhile, is getting the movie musical treatment. Earlier this month, Paramount Pictures released the trailer for the new “Mean Girls,” a film adaptation of the Broadway show based on Tina Fey’s original comedy.

Chabert says she’s seen the trailer and thinks “it looks great.”

“I can’t wait to see the movie,” she says.

While Fey and Tim Meadows make cameos in the new full-length film, Chabert says she's not in it.

“No, I’m not in it — but I can’t wait to see what they’ve done,” she says. “I wish them all the best and I’m sure it’s awesome.”.

Chabert spoke with as part of her partnership with Glade for their limited-edition holiday collection.

“This is my absolute favorite time of year and creating a festive vibe in my home, and the feeling of the holidays, is so special,” she says, sharing that her favorite scent from the collection is the Starlight & Snowflakes. However, the Twinkling Pine & Cedar fragrance is great for those who have artificial Christmas trees like she does.

One thing she loves to do, Chabert shares, is “creating the ambiance of the holidays.”

The actor, these days known for her Hallmark Christmas movies, has been in the holiday spirit since Halloween ended. She says she immediately brought out the garland, lights and Christmas tree and had her 7-year-old daughter, Julia, help her.

“We had Christmas music going and we had Glade candles burning," she shares. “I love this time of year so much because, not only do I like to make movies about this time of year but, it brings back my most cherished childhood memories. And then I get to create these new memories with my daughter. It’s such a blessing to see the magic of the holidays through her eyes.”

One thing her daughter gets extra excitement about during this time of year are her holiday movies, she says. This year, Chabert stars in “A Merry Scottish Christmas,” out Nov. 18. The Hallmark movie reunites her with her former “Party of Five” co-star and on-screen brother Scott Wolf.

She also stars in “Haul Out the Holly Lit Up,” the sequel to “Haul Out the Holly,” airing Nov. 25.

“(Julia) loves the Hallmark Christmas ones the best or she loves the ones where I get to have a princess moment and wear a pretty dress,” she says. “Sometimes I’m able to buy or keep those dresses from the movies and I’m saving them all for her.”

Chabert says she plans on putting the dress alongside the movie poster to one day give her her daughter. “I have it packed away with the poster from the movie and maybe one day it’ll be meaningful to her.”

“I just want her to know that she can chase her dreams,” she says about sharing those moments with her daughter. “And it’s all possible with some hard work.”