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Jane Seymour says taking the ‘risk’ of doing ‘Wedding Crashers’ changed her career

She’d been a Bond girl, the leading lady in romantic dramas and a beloved small screen doctor, but a world of new roles opened up to her after this part.

Jane Seymour had long carved out a career playing passionate characters in period dramas and a taking the lead in a number of serious big- and small-screen productions when she was offered something completely different in the early aughts — something that had the potential to derail her on-screen reputation.

It was a part in the raunchy comedy romp “Wedding Crashers,” and according to the 71-year-old icon, her acting career has never been the same since. 

And she couldn't be happier about that.

Jane Seymour as mother of the bride Kathleen Cleary in the 2005 comedy "Wedding Crashers."
Jane Seymour as mother of the bride Kathleen Cleary in the 2005 comedy "Wedding Crashers."New Line Cinema / Courtesy Everett Collection

Seymour played the part of seductive matriarch Kathleen Cleary, aka “Kitty Cat,” in the 2005 hit, and in it, she shocked Owen Wilson’s character by stripping down for one memorable scene.

“I think when I decided to take the risk of doing ‘Wedding Crashers’ and became known as ‘the tit lady’ — after that, everyone just decided, ‘Oh! She’s actually funny!’” Seymour explained with a laugh during a visit to TODAY Thursday.

And as a result, the former “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” star suddenly saw her acting opportunities expand.

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

“I’ve done a lot of comedy,” she said of her work in the years since then. “The wonderful Chuck Lorre put me in (‘The Kominsky Method’) and now in ‘B Positive.’”

But she credits more than her comedy chops for landing those roles — she also believes her all-natural appearance gives her an edge over others.

“I’m the only actress out there that doesn’t do all the stuff,” Seymour said as she held her hands to her face. “I have wrinkles. I mean, I actually smile and I can frown, and I can get angry. I can play an 85-year-old in a retirement home in ‘B Positive,’ called Bette, who thinks she’s a 20-year-old rock chick. So I, literally, am playing all the characters I’ve always wanted to play.”

And she’s not slowing down now.

Seymour has another new show on the way, an eight-part series called “Harry Wild,” in which she plays the title character.

“Who gets an action-detective part, a role in a series, when they’re 70?” she mused. “Not many.”

“Harry Wild” launches on Acorn TV April 4.