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/ Source: TODAY
By Elizabeth Murray

The 87th annual Academy Awards this Sunday is quickly approaching, and will bring plenty of celebrities, gowns, awards and, of course, speeches.

Plenty of people thank their spouses, their parents and the real-life subjects of their award-winning films, but who's the most-thanked subject of all time? That would be none other than Steven Spielberg.

Vocativ analyzed all 1,396 speeches archived on the Academy's website, and found that the "Saving Private Ryan" director was thanked a total of 42 times. In second place was prominent Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who was behind award-winning films including "Silver Linings Playbook" and "Shakespeare in Love."

"Titanic" and "Aliens" director James Cameron came in third, and another sci-fi director, George Lucas of "Star Wars" fame, locked in fourth place with 23 mentions.

And in sixth place? None other than God, who pulled in 19 thankful mentions.

This article was originally published Feb. 20, 2015 at 6:39 p.m. ET.