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Mandy Moore reveals which character she's played that she'd most like to be

If you think Moore would like to be Rebecca, think again.

From her love of her husband’s music to her, well, love of red wine, Mandy Moore managed to cover a lot of ground in a short time while appearing with Savannah on “Six-Minute Marathon.”

The pair sat down for a rapid-fire Q&A session that gave fans insight into the actress.

While known for her role as Rebecca Pearson on “This Is Us,” Moore went in a different direction when asked which character she’s played that she’d most like to be for the rest of her life.

“Rebecca’s gone through a little too much heartache for me,” she said, quickly dismissing her "This Is Us" role. “I did a movie, like, a long time ago with Diane Keaton called ‘Because I Said So.’ Like a big romantic comedy. I would probably be that character. Her name is Millie. She just seemed to, like, have a good time.”

Moore, 34, may be at the top of her game right now as a key cog on one of TV’s most buzzed-about shows, but she’s got her eyes on her personal life.

“What’s something you still want to check off your bucket list?” Savannah asked.

“I wanna have a family,” the actress, who married Taylor Goldsmith last year, candidly replied. “That’s sort of what’s most of top of mind for me right now.”

“More than one?” Savannah asked, raising the possibility of multiple kids.

“Hopefully, we’ll see,” Moore said.

The interview also had its share of funny moments. Moore admitted she’d rather give up alcohol for a year instead of her phone for a month and dished on her single days when Savannah asked her to share the worst pickup line she’s ever heard.

“'Does anyone tell you you look like Mandy Moore?’” the actress said, noting just how preposterous it is. “It’s a non-starter. Where do you go from there? Did not work.”